Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sat Mar 2: Didn't leave the house

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I didn't leave the house today.

I spent most of the time thinking about my mom and wanting to call - but then figuring that Cindy would be driving or with the doctor so not calling.

The doctor's office called and asked me if she took any narcotics and where they put the patch on. I was confused as #1 I had asked my friend to get the list of meds from VLM before she took her to a doctor's appointment and #2 I thought she would have had the patch on  #3 I thought she had left and they just hadn't taken good notes.  So it wasn't a good call.  She doesn't take any narcotics, the patch has been used very rarely - they are supposed to cut in half and apply where she says it hurts on her back.  I think they must be using the patches for other people too - or/and they do a crappy job of writing things in the log and med list book.

So I spent the day at home - stressing.

Once C called and said they were back I called DS to get more up to date on the mail.  I do not know why he is making me wait for information and is not doing what we discussed - that he would call each Wed with the mail information, would send photos of the new plants in the yard, would see grandma (take her out for nails or hair) and let me know how she was, and would spend a little time with C every couple of weeks.  I'm still having to call and sort of beg for information.  I don't like doing this - I just wanted him to call and chat and tell me stuff.

So all in all, not a good use of a day.

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