Friday, March 29, 2013

March 25-29 2013

It was difficult this week to write each evening so I'm combining my memories into one entry....

Mar 25 Monday -

Fitbit Activity: 12471 steps taken, 13 floors climbed,5.2 miles traveled, 2234 calories burned, 708 active score

had fun going to the Museum of Fine Arts with Mary!  We were there when the doors opened and left when they were locking it up.  Went on an overview tour first, then a nice lunch (get the vegetable tort - it's really a wonderful quiche).  After that we split up to see the galleries we wanted. She went to Asian Art and I went to American.  Next time we think we want to get the audio tour headphones to help guide us around.

Mar 26 Tuesday - 

Fitbit Activity: 4435 steps taken, 4 floors climbed, 1.85 miles traveled, 1722 calories burned, 216 active score

starting to go thru my to do stack and getting things done so that is good.  I will feel like I deserve sewing time if I get more done!  I sent out an email blast for the organization.  Got a nice Life Alive salad to go with the main dish for dinner at home.

Mar 27 Wednesday - 

Fitbit Activity: 12368 steps taken, 1 floor climbed, 5.16 miles traveled, 2120 calories burned, 598 active score

walked to Trader Joe's - but on the way planned to stop for lobster rolls - but the place was closed so instead we had small pizza at a place that was across the street - it was good but we ate too much so we would not have left overs.  I'm liking Trader Joe's granola so that was the reason to me for going.  DH got crackers and cheese.  We also stopped at the Co-op grocery store and got some yummy ice cream on the way back.

Mar 28 Thursday - 

Fitbit Activity: 12093 steps taken, 12 floors climbed, 5.07 miles traveled, 2160 calories burned, 637 active score 

had fun going to see the Kennedy House and a little of Brookline with Mary.  We took the bus both ways - were so lucky to get to go inside the house - usually only open in the summertime.  Very interesting to see and hear how the house was organized.  Rose had two live-in helpers and felt children should be measured but not held...  The house was owned by someone else then made a museum after 1966.  Rose and Joe lived there their first seven years of marriage so the kids do not remember any of it I'm sure.  It was open as Carolyn Kennedy was giving a book talk in the evening -but I could not stay for that as I had even with DH to attend.  I was really impressed with this part of Brookline and do want to return for more exploration!

Then met DH at Radcliffe for a talk about Leaving to Learn.  It's a good idea, I'm not sure though how many schools have resources needed to set up intern for all their students.

Then we went to Area Four to meet one of DH's old college roommates and friends.  Very nice guy.  We will see him again the middle of April for the WPI event.

I came home while DH went to an event at MIT - just watched TV.

Mar 29 Friday - 

Fitbit Activity: 11912 steps taken, 0 floors climbed, 4.97 miles traveled, 2129 calories burned, 607 active score
Well today we were planning on going to hospital so DH could have procedure done - but it turned out he had been given wrong information and was directed to the wrong office and will need an appointment anyway.  It took a while as he had to find Kinko's to print the doctor's orders and we had lunch too.  We both walked more than 10K steps so that was good.  Hoping he can get an appointment for Monday so this can be crossed off as DONE!  I made phone calls and got a few things off my to do list.  There is always more that needs to be done, but perhaps tomorrow I'll feel like I have done enough to deserve to sew....

I ordered some pinmoors from she and Josh have such wonderful customer service!

If I can get a pair of short Uggs I'm thinking of making this fabulous modification.....

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