Monday, March 11, 2013

Mon Mar 11: Harvard Square

FitBit Activity: 10741 steps taken, 4 floors climbed, 4.48 miles traveled, 2024 calories burned, 525 active score

DH's phone rang around 6AM, interrupting a blissful sleep.  Once I was awake I heard other noises and he was moving his feet around so I just could not get back to sleep.  I tried cutting some material, but the cuts were not straight.  I tried reading but couldn't concentrate.

As soon as he woke up I went back to bed for another few hours - so today was a very short day indeed.

We wanted to find some possible restaurants to go with our friends tomorrow before the play - stopped at Dadotea on Church Street for oatmeal and bubble tea - then off to see other places.

We found five possible places - rather close to the theatre.  Sent the list to our friends tonight for them to decide.  We will make the reservations.

Stopped at Rodney's Books in Central Square for their 50% off sale.  It includes everything - even cookbooks!  DH got a research book, I got a few cookbooks: The Cake Mix Doctor, Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor, Heart Association Quick and Easy Cookbook, and Prairie Cooks by Young and Young. All for around $11!  Such a deal.  At that rate I can afford to leave them when we move home - or to ship them home!

DH went home, I went to Life Alive for dinner to take out.  I met a nice woman in the line - we may go to Gardner Museum together later on.  She had just moved to the area (into senior housing) in August so is still getting acquainted with the area.  She seems nice and since she likes to walk around could work out to make a friend too!

We watched a few episodes more of Upstairs Downstairs - my first time ever seeing them.  DH saw them when they first came out.

Tomorrow I hope to get more fabric cut and maybe even have some sewing time too!

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