Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wed Mar 13: Cutting and Waiting

Fitbit Activity: 8554 steps taken, 7 floors climbed, 3.57 miles traveled, 1970 calories burned, 473 active score

It was difficult to sleep last night so I ended up on the couch and stayed asleep until noon!

So the day wasn't really used as well as it should have been.  Wednesdays the plan is for our son to pick up the mail and give me a call so I can see what has arrived, etc.  Except once again I had to call him to see if he would do that.  Before I called he was at the nail place with my mom so that was good - but I sat around and waited for him to call with mail information and that didn't happen.  He said he was too busy today but would do it tomorrow after his classes were done for the day.  So I have to wait...  He is very busy with school and work and needing to drive a lot to get to places he needs to go. The time difference and phone connections makes things a little awkward to connect sometimes!

I sent some emails back and forth to get information from the treasurer of our organization.

I finished cutting I think all the batik I am going to cut for now!  There are just a few larger pieces that would be best cut with a bigger ruler to guide me cutting.

We need to get some fresh milk - but didn't do that today.

We ate some Life Alive food that I had gotten on Monday - the first batch that did not taste good to me.  Then around 8:30 pm we walked to Harvard area again for dinner at a place that had been mentioned in the Boston Globe - a place called Chutney's - but it wasn't very good I thought.  There was a Ben & Jerry's place so we got ice cream and over ate on that.

We walked down JFK Bvd to the bridge then left back toward home - a different neighborhood - I'll go back in the daytime to see it better.  Lots of dorms but then houses.  Seemed nice.

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