Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tues Mar 12: Glass Menagerie

Fitbit Activity: 7502 steps taken, 8 floors climbed, 3.19 miles traveled, 1918 calories burned, 422 active score 

Very exciting today we met our friends for dinner near Harvard, then we walked to the American Repertory Theatre to see The Glass Menagerie.

Dinner was nice.  It turns out though that our friends do not like garlic!  Hard to believe but true.  We had given them a choice of five places for us to eat, and they passed it back to us so I picked the one where we could: get reservations, have elevator or be on the same floor, and was rated as being sort of quiet so we could chat.  The Indian food was very nice.  There was way too much of it - I over ate just because it was there.

The play was okay.  The setting was nice - it annoyed me when I took my photo of the ceiling of the theatre while people were walking in to have an usher come to tell me to not only not take photos but demanded I delete the photo.  Very off putting.  There was no balcony so everyone could see everything so that was nice.  The play setting was very simple with floors sort of floating on a layer of water - the whole play took place in the same setting (at the end they brought in pillows and patio lights).  The actors were all very good - except the woman playing Laura kept forgetting to turn her foot in consistently and it was distracting then when she did remember.  The person behind me had headphones to have the sound enhanced and that noise was distracting to me - but after a while either I was able to block it out or they figured out how to adjust the device.

Afterwards we went to an Irish Pub and had a chance to chat.

It was nice to be able to walk home.

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