Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sun Mar 10: S&S and Fabric

FitBit Activity: 12094 steps taken, 4 floors climbed, 5.04 miles traveled, 2176 calories burned, 673 active score

Miscommunication.  Causes so many plans to be lost, opportunities lost.  Our friend texted me that he would call early this AM - I thought he meant call me - so I set two alarms to be sure to be up in the morning.  Kept checking email too but nothing came in.  I put dishes away, tidied the kitchen, checked nothing had come in.  I swept all the floors then used the carpet sweeper, checked nothing came.  After two hours I was getting hungry so woke husband and said we should go to S&S for breakfast.  We knew our friends had had a late night taking their daughter out for birthday fun so figured they slept in - and also really that they didn't want to go to the museum anyway (neither did DH).  So DH grabs his phone and sees that his friend did call him early in the morning!  So this was another day where we did not see DH's friends...

There was a long line at S&S's but it was pleasant wait.  I saw something on the menu I hadn't seen before - Eggs Oscar - Poached eggs on potato pancakes topped with crabmeat, asparagus, bearnaise sauce with fresh fruit , bagel and cream cheese.  It was a winner (I don't like hollandaise so am always on the lookout for different sauces.)

DH went back home as his back was still hurting from our long walk last night - I went on to the fabric store and successfully bought 9.75 yards of fabric ($1.99 each for total of $19.40).  I decided to stick with the batik stack.  As soon as I got home I put it in the washer - hope the different pieces will not bleed!

Then I had my hair shampooed and cut at Super Cuts - Bernice did a nice job $23.  She blew it out too and refined the cut once it was dry again.

I found a new way to get to Target - when I started I didn't know I was going there - but it was much nicer than going over the overpass next to the freeway!  At Target I bought ingredients needed to make earthquake cake - I will bring that to our friends for the St Patricks Day Immigrate Dinner.

I decided to go on to Central Square and pick up dinner at Life Alive.  I called Bernie and he called the order in so I saved time.  Although the line of people was out the door so I still had to wait a while as the order was being made. (We split a salad and a hot dish.)

We enjoyed the meal as soon as I got home so it was a good thing to pick up.


Fabric Pieces

0.50 Yard

9.75 Total Number of Yards
*$1.99 for each yard
$19.4025 Total Price

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