Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thur Mar 7: MIT Coop

Fitbit Activity:  11135 steps taken today, 13 floors climbed today, 4.64 miles traveled today, 2059 calories burned, 540 active score 

Ways to design how we live.
Some of the books that were interesting to me.
This group on friendship and improving oneself are
on target !

Sleep well, woke late again.  Went with DH to MIT Coop where DH had hair cut. He liked the guy and place so that will be his hair cutter while we are here.  It was snowing as we walked.  Some of the time the  snow was blowing in our face as we walked, but it wasn't cold at all!

Planning a City - interesting stuff.

We had a scone and coffee at the Coop (before his hair cut), the walked around the store and a little of the neighborhood.  We'll return when it's better weather.

The Indian restaurant I had planned to take DH to wasn't open.  Several of the places were closed between lunch and dinner.  We ended up at the Tavern in the Square.  Each had a cup of soup and split a rather fancy grilled cheese sandwich.  It also had tomato, avocado, and bacon.  It was too much.  We started to walk home but I had DH continue on so I could go to "Gather Me" the LQS to see about getting some black and white fabric, but they didn't have anything that struck my fancy so I headed back home.  I think the snow made my so tired - I fell asleep when I got back.  After a bit I woke and did some emails and read my new quilting book!

We shared a cookie and had pudding for dinner....

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