Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sun Mar 24: Friends and Fabric

Today my DH and I straightened up our little apartment, in case our friends came over after breakfast.

Then we walked a few blocks and met our friends at a place across from S&S Deli for brunch with jazz music.  Turns out it the same menu and wait staff as at S&S - just with the addition of live jazz!  It was a lovely breakfast.

Then they walked back and we played a new card game that DH had gotten a week or so back - called Modern Art.  It took a while to master the game - and we think we were missing a key direction of having everyone draw a card at the end of a turn or round - but it was fun in the end.  We decided we should learn to play bridge together - there is a group that meets near MIT each week or month but we have to master the beginnings first.

They were going to go grocery shopping - after a little talk we went with them and were dropped off in Arlington - in front of the Corner Fabric Store - we were going to take bus back home.  The shop was compact, but had a lovely selection of good fabrics including Kona Cotton - black - AND it turned out some fabric with UFOs.  My DH had just said if I ever saw some with little space ships I should buy and then he found some!  So it was fun - I had him pick which one he liked best and got a yard.  I will make a baby quilt for his friend's baby just over a year now - or maybe just under a year.  Anyway it will be easy as I will mainly just put some borders on it and will be able to practice my free motion quilting.

We stopped at a used book store and got a few books on bridge, then enjoyed walking by houses and businesses and a cemetery on our way to Porter Square.  There we went to Au Bon Pain mainly so I could use the restroom - but we ended up having some tea and a croissant!  At 6:00 the lady asked us if we wanted any more - as on Sundays she tosses everything as she closes up.  So we got some extra pastries and muffins and what not.  I will freeze them so they stay nice.

We took the T home - and were glad to be able to rest and watch some TV once we were back. DH's back was hurting again too - would have walked from Porter to Davis then took the T as I wanted to get more steps in, but oh well.

Upstairs, Downstairs is winding down - we only have about 5 episodes left to see.  I'm glad today we finally spent a little time discussing the exploits so we are learning what we each think about characters and events rather than just thinking our own thoughts.

3 yards @ $6.99 each Kona black = $20.97 minus discount 6.29 (more than one yard)
1.13 yard @ $11.99 each UFO fabric = $13.55 minus $6.78 (end of roll)
4.13 yards and $21.45 total

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