Friday, March 15, 2013

Fri Mar 15: Veggie Galaxy

Not sure why things were so slow going again today.  DH was studying for his ham radio exam - I fiddled with fabric and did laundry and read.

Received some nice emails and text messages after receiving an award for volunteer work - the conference was on West Coast.

In the late afternoon an email came thru from Freecycle for a laser pointer so I wrote and got it - DH and I walked together to the place to pick it up.  

Then we went to Veggie Galaxy for dinner.  Wow it was delicious!  I got a seitan cutlet with carmelized onion topping with brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes - and then a piece of the best coconut cream pie that I can remember!  Yum!

Then we walked and went in Harvest - the co-op grocery store.  Wonderful looking fresh fruits and vegetables.  I got some eggs and tea.

Then back to Rodney's bookstore where we had a nice time picking out books. I found some nice ones for several people and for me too!

DH went back to studying and I tried to go to sleep....

This is certainly a good quality of life.  I really like it here!

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