Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sat Mar 16: Quincy

Had a difficult time sleeping last night.  DH was doing cramming for his ham radio licensing exam....

He got up early to go to Brookline for that - I got up about 15 minutes later and had a grand time getting fabric strips in order and make a design wall on the bed.  Now I am thinking about having the blocks be from the same material - in fact DH has expressed an interest in having them be made of black material.  I pulled out the butter to soften to make the earthquake cake...

But before I could finalize anything it was time to leave to catch the T to go to Quincy!  There we met a group of volunteers in the basement of the church where both President Adams and their wives are buried - to help with a project that distributes books to prisoners.  Apparently prisoners are not allowed to get books unless they come from an organization so these kinds of projects are very helpful.  DH met me there.  We went to the book room and read letters and then tried to find books to match their request.  It was interesting work - I think I'll return to do it again.  The room where we were working was like 20-feet away from the graves!

When we got back after I moved the fabric, we both fell immediately asleep for a few hours.  A deep sleep that I don't remember having in a long time.  When we woke it was too dark really for me to walk to store to get green shirts or cake decorating items so I went ahead and made the cake - it will be lovely tomorrow at the party.

Once the cake was done we went out to S & S Deli for a late dinner.  I wasn't hungry but ended up eating anyway - just as I always do. There was a man playing the bag pipes in the street in front of an Irish Pub.  Not the right country but really was nice to hear.

We watched two more episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs and now are going to bed!

Oh DH got a 100% on the first test so went ahead and took the second one - he passed that one too.  Will be joining their club and will be taking the third test very soon too.

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