Monday, March 4, 2013

Mon Mar 4: Silver Line

Fitbit Activity: 12376 steps taken today, 19 floors climbed today, 5.16 miles traveled today, 2165 calories burned, 692 active score 

This am straightened up a bit, then off to the T to meet DH at the airport.  It's absolutely wonderful to be able to get around with out bothering with a car.  Took longer than I thought it would - but since I misremembered what time he was arriving I was still 20 minutes early.

We got a free ride back on the T to Central Square.  We had nice Mexican lunch then home where we sat together on the sofa and watched an Upstairs Downstairs episode - a few of them.  I made a quick dinner and cookies.  We went for a walk to MIT and back then had our dessert while finishing up one of the episodes.

I'm not going to Lancaster quilt show - I messed up - it's St Patricks Day weekend - there is a big party to help with and attend.  So I will see the Lancaster cousins another week - maybe meet in a different city.  Washington DC would be nice to see again.

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