Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sat Mar 23: China Town

I was determined to see the fabric shops that were downtown so set off by myself to China Town. I took the T and got off at DownTown Crossing.

Went to Winmil Fabrics - nice sales clerk and clients in the store.  The plain fabric was thin, the calico was old fashioned I thought - but there were some nice dots!

Van's Fabrics was hidden under construction signs - they unlocked the door to let me in - and also it turned out to let me out!  That was a little scary....  They had beautiful brocades and specialty fabric.  The plain fabric was thin - the other fabric had an Asian flare.

Grey's Fabric & Notions was again beautiful.  The lady working was sewing on a dress - they have such beautiful fabric and she is so nice.  I think I would like to take a sewing class with her - hopefully that will happen.  The day before though someone had come and purchased all her black Kona cotton so I was out of luck.

Windsor Buttons was closed by the time I got there - looked in the window didn't see fabric - but did see yarn and buttons.  They are going out of business so I hope to get inside before they shut up shop!

DH decided to meet me in China Town as he hadn't been there.  I went inside two grocery stores while giving him time to meet me.

We had a nice meal at Gourmet Dumpling House.

Walked 7.4 miles today - it was really nice.

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