Friday, April 20, 2018

Expenses: Marimekko fabric

Not Quilting

I met our son yesterday for lunch up in Carlsbad. A restaurant we had both noticed from the freeway, but hadn't gone to before. The Green Dragon It was a pretty restaurant, the food was nice. Afterwards he went back to work and I went to the Crate and Barrel outlet that was nearby in the outlet center.


Came across some Marimekko fabric.  I had to wash three times before the Shout catcher came out white.  That's a lot of water...  But I only had to pay not even $2 for my treasure from the scrap bin... It weighed in at under two pounds - that is how they charge for scraps.

About five fat quarter and larger pieces.
About 20 inches of this - in real life more Christmas
reds and greens.  They had bolts of this - $1 a yard.

Three pieces that were WOF, total a little under yard.
One large piece WOF, they have bolts of this.  Since it has washed well, I'm thinking of returning to get more.  Would be fun for a table cloth and napkins I think and as a backing for quilts too!  Would be fun to slice the fabric and rearrange in the quilt top...  Ideas...
Fabric is in the dryer now.  It would be next Thursday that I return if I do...

Since quilting, I have purchased two other bolts of fabric.  A Kona Cotton Green (from a fire sale at a quilt store) and a Moda sort of cloudy sky in blacks and greys (from a fundraiser for Balboa Park).  It has been really nice to know I had and could insert it in a project at any time.  Oh, then also there is the bolt of that stuff one uses for pot holders - also from the fire sale.  That I have only used about 10 by 20 inches of...! so it wasn't so far a good thing to get.... Since it's a little stiff, I may make some zippered pouches with it... but I'll still have yards of it in the closet!

I know some people live at the mall, but it has been over a year since I last went.  We need some new dishes, so I was on the hunt to see what was available.  Crate and Barrel, William Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Macy's.  Nordstrom doesn't have housewares but I went there too.  Nothing was really calling out to me.  We bought our last dishes at Ikea.  They are nice, but the surface is not smooth so it makes a noise when a fork scrapes to get food that has always bothered me.  Somehow though we have recently broken a bunch of dishes so we only have five plates now. And I have only three of the larger rectangle serving platters.  Looks like it could be they still carry the line of grey dishes.  Might be easier to just get more plates...  A few months ago the New York Times had an article about what to buy for a new apartment.  They had lots of nice ideas including dishes and potato peelers.  I got distracted clicking on the links and never made it back to bookmark the article itself. Wish I had...  Oh well! We have been married 33 years and have only gotten two sets of every day dishes.  The finish in my first set started sort of lifting off, I was afraid it was going to start chipping in the food!  I'm ready for a new set actually!


  1. It's always fun to go shopping, as long as it doesn't turn into a hobby! It does seem like you are due for a new set of dishes. I would worry about how the peeling would affect your health.

    1. It ended up I was able to get 4 dinner plates at IKEA - same color but smoother finish. So now we have enough plates and I don't have to think about that! Before when we saw the finish peeling we grabbed the dish set at IKEA. When we got we had to get a whole box that included bowls and smaller plates. I'm glad I was able to just get what we needed this time. I agree about shopping being a bad hobby to have. Don't think there is danger of that for me.

  2. You got a great deal on that pretty fabric!

    1. Yep! I've heard of outlets for the fabric from Freddy Moran at a workshop - she uses for the back of her quilts!


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