Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Leah Day's Explore Walking Foot: Pinstripe Gridlines

I picked a practice sandwich and sort of followed Leah's directions to make the pinstripe gridlines walking foot pattern.

She used 1/4 inch tape to mark the narrow strip...  I was not able to find the end of the roll of tape that my husband picked up for me last week.  So I used the walking foot itself for the 1/4 inch line, and the walking foot guide for the one inch lines.

This design took a long time to sew, and a lot of thread too!

After 39 minutes, this is what I had sewn. The bobbin ran out so it seemed a good place to stop to start dinner!

After 23 additional minutes this is what I had done:

When I removed that blue tape I was afraid I had the beginning of a little pleat, but I was extra careful and did as Leah suggested and so the piece is all flat.  Yay!

Finally after another 41 minutes I was done sewing the block.

39 + 23 + 41 = 103 minutes

It does look dazzling though doesn't it?

On the back I put the first Dresden plate that I made ages ago.  It's nice to finally have this in a piece rather than in a box!

The batting felt very firm, but perhaps it was the extra stitches in the pinstripe gridlines design rather than the wool batting. I thought wool batting was supposed to be soft.  Anyway, it makes the design stand out, so I like it!

The design was not that fun to sew, just sew a line, cut the thread and move the block to the top again.  Seems it would be difficult to do in a real quilt, but it does look nice.

A friend picked up some more batting samples for me at Quilt Con in Pasadena.  It's great that each of the pieces of batting is labeled!

I made three more practice sandwiches, so I have them ready to use when Leah posts the next designs on her website!


  1. It's a very good idea to use these sample batting pieces for your little sandwiches! This is a neat design and I can see that you might want to limit it to smaller spaces. So. Many. Stitches.

    1. Yep. And so much back and forth movement. Would be too hard to do with a full sized piece... Thanks for coming by!


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