Friday, April 13, 2018

Leah Day's Explore Walking Foot Quilting: My "Rainbow Log Cabin" Part 6

I have finished the fourth and last blue part of the quilt and filled it with Leah Day's Bright Star with the refined stitching order.

It took me all these times to realize that although the painting tape (used for marking the line) can be on the right or left of the needle, it is much easier for me to see the critical beginning, middle and ending places if the tape is on the right side. At first that was trickier for me to apply the tape, but once I just moved the entire piece away from the needle it was okay.  This last time I also paid more attention so the orientation of the quilt was so the corner was mainly to my right or in my lap.  Two times I forgot to cut the bobbin, and that caused the thread to sort of split when I was pulling it thru to tie the knot, but I was able to force the issue and the threads all pulled thru fine.

This and last block I started by sewing all the way on the first two lines.  I ripped the tape so after the first line though that all lines had the needle down in the center. (as my goal was to have all the lines pass thru the center)

Now I need to work on learning exactly where the needle should start and end.  Even with all this practice I do not have sense of the correct placement. And when I'm tying the knot I usually put the thread back thru the place where the top thread came out.  I'm not sure if that is best, or if it's better to put it thru the bobbin exit.

82 minutes for this last bright star.

So now I am finally ready to do a bunch of concentric squares.  But now I have to pull some weeds and get dinner ready too.  I'd much rather be working on this quilt, but this was a lot of walking foot  time for me.  Probably better to do again after a rest anyway!


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