Monday, April 30, 2018

Leah Day's Explore Walking Foot Quilting: Jagged Cosmos

Jagged Cosmos.

This one was difficult for me.

Leah's video directions are here:

After watching the video and reading the description in the book, I drew the design - make that tried to draw it.

I printed out the worksheet to help.  And referred to the sheet as I drew the lines on the fabric.  First I marked a point for the intersections and then drew four lines to divide the space sort of evenly (as Leah did in her video).  I sewed the lines though as two lines as they were completely marked.

Then I drew six lines in the section starting in the center for each one.  I sewed the design by starting at the top, going thru the center dot, and continuing on until I got to the bottom of the fabric for that line.  So in sewing it was three lines.  I did not stop near the center and tie off the thread. (I am not sure why Leah does that in her procedures for these designs that start in the center.  Eventually there will be a design that needs that, but so far - no need for the extra work.)  After I did those lines I repeated by marking six lines and then sewing the second three lines.

The mechanics require moving the fabric, which would be difficult in a full sized project but was easy with this one block.

It was sort of drag needing to mark the lines, but I knew if I didn't it would end up hopelessly ugly.

What was difficult was knowing where to stop and turn - and I mean just with a pencil, not on the fabric! Even with the marked lines I second guessed myself and made changes.

Here I removed most of the marked lines....

Maybe in the daytime the design will show up more...

The Hobbs batting used was Tuscany 80/20 Cotton/Wool.  It felt nice and firm.

After doing the piecing and textured blocks for Starry Bright Sky QAL with my cotton thread earlier today, the Isacord polyester thread that I use for quilting seemed very thin.  Or maybe it's just late in the day.

The end result looks nice, even though it was challenging for me to envision.

Took around 40 minutes for the stitching, and marking.  Does not include the time trying to draw on my own, printing, taping, and marking the first two lines used to divide the space.


  1. I think it turned out great! I can see how it would be hard to do this one. Figuring out the angles of the turns so they don't run into the next line...tricky!

    1. You are always so nice to come by and leave comments - makes my day! Thank you!


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