Thursday, April 12, 2018

Quilt in A Day: New Offerings - A Vacation Day!

Today, I felt like I was on vacation. I was lucky to get to see Patricia Knochel's (Eleanor Burns' sister) give a presentation where she showed a bunch of new patterns and interpretations of old designs.  New templates, and ways to use them.  I have seen her about 7 times I think, every time I get filled with enthusiasm with this wonderful hobby.

I didn't get the names of the quilts or books, and didn't get photos of everything as my phone was running low.  It's always so wonderful to see how excellent designs can be written up and explained.

In preparation for attending the session I looked at several of Eleanor's online You Tubes - what fun.  I am going to see if I can go to some her taping sessions at Quilt in a Day.

That's Patricia under the flag holding the quilt.  My original quilting teacher, Kathy Green, is seated in the front on that side by the door. Wish I had taken a better photo of her.  She was nice enough to invite me to come to this presentation.  She really is a good teacher, it's too bad her new classes are so far away from me.  Even though it has been several years, she always remembers me and asks me about something we had been talking about years before!  I really liked the way she will help someone with what every they need help with on what ever project they are working on.  She has lots of projects that she demos each class, but then there is time to sew on what ever project you decide to work on.  It's very encouraging.  There was one woman who remembered me in the audience too.  So that was nice.

After the presentation I went to Cozy Quilts, and walked around.  I ended up getting one yard of some blue kona cotton for my Bright Starry Night QAL project.  But there was a sewing group setting up and turns out I knew three of those ladies!  What a surprise!  It was nice to see them.  I like Cozy Quilts as they have so many free demos and groups.  Very inviting store. I should go to the Strip Club and Free Motion monthly group sessions...

Then I drove to my adult ed class.  The one where I'm not supposed to take photos, etc.  The teacher didn't have things prepared like Patricia (who showed for example a layer cake piece, then the marking to make, then had fabric with the sewing done, and others showing the pieces trimmed, etc.)  oh well.  In the class though we/they will be working on Tula Pink's Bird Seed quilt. I might have been the only student to have made the ovals with the fusible interfacing.  I made for one of the online bees. For this Tula Pink pattern one is supposed to make 102 of them, way more than the 12 that I made before!  I may made a table or pillow cover, but really want to keep working on finishing the quilts I have already started so don't really want to make a new one yet.  The teacher is going to have folks quilt the top in four pieces then will show her way for joining them together into one top, so that will be new and nice to see from her.  I hope she has the steps written out and the demo planned so we can see the steps - not just talk us thru it...  I haven't been at class for more than a month, it was nice to see people and to have three or four say hello to me too!

Then I went to the Zoo.  All by myself.  I usually go walking there each week with a friend, but she is volunteering to help people submit their taxes so can't walk for a few weeks.  So I went and caught a bunch of Pokemon and chatted with visitors who came from other areas.

It was a beautiful day.  I just made dinner when I got back - I already had purchased all the ingredients so there was no pressure.  I made a stir fry lemon chicken.  Pretty good.  My husband though said he liked Rachael Ray's version better.  Of course he would!  Hers is made with lemon curd and has 500 vs 265 calories, 16 g sugar vs 0 g!  I have to make time to figure out the exact timing for doing the slow cooker meals Louise shared with me.  Only yesterday did I get the paper and toner for the printer so I can again print things out.  Not only recipes, but tax stuff too.  So I'll be getting back on that train too...

Anyway, that was my vacation.  My husband even walked little Buffy in the morning and the evening.  All I had to do at home was cook and clean up!  Great day.


  1. Sounds like you had a super day! Thanks for sharing the quilt photos. There's some real eye candy there! I love how several are using log cabin blocks to make that strong diagonal across the quilt. Patricia really looks like her sister, doesn't she? I hope your other class works out for you and you can share how to quilt a big piece in four sections.

    1. Thanks for coming by Louise! Patricia is sounding more and more like her sister too! They are both so into designing new ways of making the patterns - with always such good directions. They are models for how to write things up I think. The log cabin designs were interesting. Apparently that was the first design book they published - 40 years ago! In addition to the piecing though the quilting was so pretty. I am going to try Hobbs 20/80 for my next project!


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