Friday, February 19, 2016

Stash Bee 2016 Hive 8 - February Block

This month the Stash Bee block required single sided fusible paper and turned out to be a pretty easy block to make.

I double checked my fabrics with the queen bee ahead of time. 

She wanted each peel part to have summer jewel colors: citrus, aqua, purples, greens. and the background to be different black on white fabric.

I addition to Renae's notes I found this Missouri Star tutorial to be helpful in making the block.

I traced the provided design on the fusible paper and pinned that to the fabric.

After sewing on the line I trimmed the fabric.  Then cut a slit in the fusible to turn the design right side out. Use a chop stick to poke the tip out and fingers to roll the sides so the parts are even.
February Block - showing the pieces of the block before I turned the pieces right side out.

Then you check to be sure there is 1/4 inch from the corners, press the pieces down.
Renae asked us to sew the pieces down IF we had thread the same color at the pieces (which I didn't have).

The block I made to keep to test the directions, in polka dots! It was easy to sew the peel pieces down.


  1. That is a pretty block and a great technique. I like the colors you chose.

    1. Thanks. It was good to mainly be able to use my stash for the stash bee block! : )

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's fun to see how differently we all interpret the blocks...

  3. Your block looks great. My peels might be a little close to the edge a few places...and I used white thread to sew down the blocks which worked out fine.


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