Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One Monthly Goal: Feb 2016 Sew Blocks Together, and Baste the Cultural Fusion Windmills Quilt

Last summer I was very lucky to take two classes under the direction of Sujata Shah.  I have finished
the first project from that time, but this month my goal is to sew the blocks together that I made in the class to finish my Cultural Fusion Windmill quilt.  And this month, I want to pick the backing fabric, and baste the top so it is all ready for quilting too!

I'll save the actual quilting and binding of the quilt for another month.

This was really a fun block to piece. 

I picked purples and black and white that I had cut in preparation for the Marston/Moran workshop a few years earlier, but the variety of looks is limited as they say, only by your imagination.

Picture the quilt being done in solids (as is in her book), in a range of patriotic prints, in civil war reproductions, or in Kaffe Fassett fabric. It was amazing to see the way the workshop participants interpreted the free-form directions.  And their progress during the workshop proved the blocks would look fabulous in a quilt!

If you don't have the book, I do recommend buying it.  And if you can ever take a workshop with Sujata, leap at the chance!

Definitely, part of the fun is clicking on the different goals people write about in the post they link to on the link page for the month.  OMG One Monthly Goal Linky for February 2016  There are so many though that this time I'm just picking the ones that are in the first column.  At least for now!  The projects are all beautiful and the range of sewers is from professional to beginner.  It's always inspirational to click and see what people have shared.


  1. I love the purples in your quilt. I love quilts where a section of one block makes up a section of the next also.

    1. Thanks for coming by Marti! I visited your blog earlier and what a lot of interesting things you have shared. I sent the post about changing the electrical outlets to a friend, that will help her out a lot! Good luck with your two February projects! : )

  2. I also love the purples. It looks like a good goal for the month. I also enjoy seeing the finishes.

    1. Thanks Lisa! Hopefully we will both finish our OMG again! I'll be following you around looking at finishes later this month! : )

  3. Great colours - good luck getting this done.

  4. I like the black white and purple combination. Thi sis going to be a really pretty quilt.


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