Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Leah Day's Explore Walking Foot Quilting: My "Rainbow Log Cabin" Part 11

Guess I'm getting into this quilting!  After dinner last night I finished the quilting of the third blue block.

First new square - marked with one inch painters tape.

Second new square - marked with 1/2 inch masking tape.

Last new square for this block - Had to put in a new bobbin too.  Marked with one inch painters tape. With the idea that I wouldn't have the quilt get caught up on the walking foot guide.  But instead it turns out there is a spot in the back where the seams did not catch together, but it did open when I ran the walking foot for the stitching.  I heard the sound and stopped - making sure to pull out thread so I would have nice ends to deal with on both the bobbin and the top spool.  I'm pretty pleased that I worked thru the mess and got things so they look nice and finished the block.

So before using this quilt I'll have to learn how to repair the seams.  : (  I remember when I was basting the first time, that I saw a place that had seams that were not right but I couldn't find again when I went to baste the second and final time. 

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