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Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal  (Each month, the goal-setting link-up will be open from the 1st through the 7th, closing at 11:55 pm ET.) (The finish party which will run for 6 days at the end of the month.)

Can't Help Myself - Ideas from the other posts!

  1. Jan - Red
  1. January - lighter and medium blues - 1 block made Jan 6
  2. February - Purple in different shades - 1 block made Feb 18
  3. March - bright and light side of the green family.  Think of lime and yellow greens and try to save the darker shades for later months. - 1 block made March 2
  4. April - yellow and gold - 1 block made April 10
  5. May - pinks and roses - 1 block made May 10 
  6. June - teal and turquoise.  Anything that is not quite blue and not quite green will work this month. 
  7. July - red to maroon
  8. August - orange and brown
  9. Sept -
  10. Oct -
  11. Nov -
  12. Dec -

  1. January 2018 – Framed Color 
  2. February 2018 - Using Orphan Blocks
  3. March 2018 - Susanna Blocks 
  4. April 2018 - Noon & Light 

Linky Parties


Read between 30 and 60 minutes - Note title, time, pages read

Dec 31 - Jan 1 | The Keeper of Lost Causes | Page 1 - 385 | Didn't track time. Great first book in the Danish Detective 'Department Q" Series. Favorite new to me word: ragnarok. Chapter 3, paragraph 2 "It was only in situations like the ones that had just occurred, when the room is crammed with superattentive colleagues who have been forced to sidle around worn-out document carts and heaps of case materials, that he regarded the ragnarok of his office with a certain dismay."

Jan 1 - Jan 3 | How Georgia Became O'Keefe | Page 1- 130 | Didn't track time.
Jan 4 -  How Georgia Became O'Keefe | Page 130-146 | 30 min PM
Jan 5 -  How Georgia Became O'Keefe | Page 146-172 | 30 min AM
Jan 6 -  How Georgia Became O'Keefe | Page 172-194 | 30 min PM
Jan 7 -  How Georgia Became O'Keefe | Page 194-220 | 30 min PM
Jan 7 -  How Georgia Became O'Keefe | Page 220-226 | 37 min PM END OF BOOK.  Of the 226 pages, I'm guessing 40-50 pages were about the author of the book instead of being about Georgia O'Keefe. Things like:  Georgia O'Keefe went out with an older man.  I also went out with an older man, let me tell you in detail about that experience...  She also went on and on about what she did in high school - really?  My friend gave me the book to learn about Georgia O'Keefe.  I learned about Georgia O'Keefe, but had to wade thru the stories of the author, so I would not recommend this author, Karen Karbo.  

Jan 8 - A New Song | Page 1 - 20 | 30 min PM Buffy in and out

Jan 9 - A New Song | Page 20-45 | 30 min AM
Jan 10 - A New Song | Page 45 - 79 | 30 + 30 min AM and Midday
Jan 11 - A New Song | Page 79 - 93 | 30 min AM
Jan 11 - A New Song | Page 93 - 102 | 20 min PM sleepy
Jan 12 - A New Song | Page 102 - 125 | 30 min Midday   narthexan antechamber or large porch in a modern church.
Jan 13 - Didn't read, 7 hours with quilt group and then getting ready for party here
Jan 14 - A New Song | Page 125 - 146 | 30 min Midday
Jan 15 - A New Song | Page 146-165 | 24 min AM
Jan 15 - A New Song | Page 165 - 197 | 36 min? Midday
Jan 16 - A New Song | Page 197 - 220 | 30 min AM

Jan 17 - A New Song | Page 220 - 246 | 30 min Midday 
Jan 17 - A New Song | Page 246 - 264 | 30 min PM 
Jan 18 - A New Song | Page 264 - 279 | ? waiting for service Midday
Jan 18 - A New Song | Page 279 - 295 | 30 min PM 
Jan 19 - A New Song | Page 295 - 319 | 60 min Midday antimacassarsa piece of cloth put over the back of a chair to protect it from grease and dirt or as an ornament. /his mother had used sugar water to starch her own, as a child he'd had an awful desire to eat the one on the piecrust table, it made his mouth fairly water to see it/ Piecrust TableThis is a type of pedestal table, usually on three legs, with a round top trimmed with a raised, scalloped edge that looks like the crimped rim of a pie crust. The edging can be either carved or molded, and the top often tilts up making for easy storage against a wall in small homes.
Jan 20 - A New Song | Page 319 - 359 | 60 min Midday 
Jan 20 - A New Song | Page 359 - 373 | 12 min Midday sleepy
Jan 20 - A New Song | Page 373 - 400 | 30 min Midday  END OF BOOK  An interesting enough book.  Lots of emphasis on dialogue and self-dialogue to tell the story.  A very light story, with lots of references to the church, which makes sense since the main character in this series is a priest.  There were sections I think I skipped as sermons were being written or quoted and I guess I was tired during a lot of the reading so didn't always note the new words to learn.  

Jan 21 - Distant Friends and Intimate Strangers | Page 1 - 25 | 30 min AM  laconic = of a person, speech, or style of writing) using very few words.
Jan 22 - Distant Friends and Intimate Strangers | Page 26-51 | 30 min PM
Jan 23 - Distant Friends and Intimate Strangers | Page 51-98 | 60 min Midday page 57 grow younger???
Jan 24 - Distant Friends and Intimate Strangers | Page 98-114 | 30 min PM tired Galatoires a restaurant in New Orleans
Jan 25 - Distant Friends and Intimate Strangers | Page 114-135 | 30 min PM
Jan 26 - Distant Friends and Intimate Strangers | Page 136- - 185| 65 min AM END OF BOOK  Very interesting collection of short stories about different unrelated people.  By reading them I got a glimpse into different lives.  The stores were not all happy, or sad, some just were stores.  Very well paced and interesting.  I felt sad for the people sometimes so not always satisfying.  This was the author's second published book - the first was 30 years before.  Also short stores about people apparently.  Someday I hope to remember to find it and read it too!  I ended up giving the book away to a most interesting person working in the gift store of the hotel I stayed at in Pasadena.  She told me she was wearing a wig and had a little collection of them.  She pretends to be a different person with each wig.  So she was Piper when I met her.  She wrote down notes about who Piper was and what she wanted to become.  A fun way I think to interact with guests from all around the world and to grow oneself.  I thought she would enjoy the book so I gave it to her.  So I do not have the book now to look thru and remember what I meant by my grow younger notation or to decide which story I liked the most.  I really liked them all.  The first one was amazing though - it was the last thoughts of a man who dies in the last sentence.  He heard the sweet voiced caregiver say 'Ah'.  Well, a good book!

Jan 27 - The Meaning of It All | Page 1 - 28 | 42 min PM  
     4 - ideas passed purposely
     6 - gates heaven
     9 - new solutions
     12 - all world same atoms
     13 - children book mentioned 6 books in series?
     16 - rove wrong
     27 - not exactly right
     28 - doubts should not be feared, they have great value
Jan 27 - The Meaning of It All | Page 31-43 | 15 min PM    Religion and Science
Jan 28 - The Meaning of It All | Page 43-71 | 36 min PM  
     57 - no government...
     66 - public wants a man who gives an answer better than...
Lost page notes for weekend in Pasadena time.  Read this and skimmed Rick Steve's book on Dublin.
Jan 29 - The Meaning of It All | Page 71 - 84 | 15 min PM  
Jan 29  - The Meaning of It All | Page 84 -94 | 20 min PM  
Jan 30 - The Meaning of It All | Page 94 - 110 | 30 min
     100 - ought to be possibility of discussion
     103 - starts alright
     105 - Russians want us to distrust the Supreme Court, etc.
     106 - object honestty
Jan 31 - The Meaning of It All | Page 110 - 133 | 30 min PM  END OF BOOK
     110 - If you know something, you realize you can't learn
     113 - we've lost some face in letting other countries get ahead in technology
     119 - Mr Anderson military
     120 - Mr Nakrove sp?
This was an incredible book.  I enjoyed it very much.  It could would be a great book to discuss with others. I'll try to go back and add to my notes so they make more sense... For the purposes of my daily reading project though I took too many notes!

Feb 1 - Hunters and Gatherers | Page 1 -22 | 30 min PM sleepy | 4- Actually her life not a stage she'd grow thru
Feb 2 - Hunters and Gatherers | Page 22 - 42 | 33 min PM sleepy
Feb 3 - Hunters and Gatherers | Page 42 - 50 | 15 min PM sleepy
I am not sure about this book.  Either I'm reading it too late, or I'm too tired, or I'm not connecting with the story.  Also I wanted to record and take notes about the Richard Feynman book I finished and the notes have been misplaced. I've typed it what I have found and plan to continue reading 30-60 minutes a day!
Feb 18 Hunters and Gatherers | During our trip to Yuma I picked the book up to read it at different times of the day, and kept getting so sleepy.  I haven't done this very many times in my life, but I'm not going to finish the book.  Now that I am home will pick a different book to start again tomorrow.

Feb 19 - The Full Cupboard of Life | Page 3 - 26 | 30 min AM
Feb 20 - The Full Cupboard of Life | Page 26 -60 | 30 min
     27 - Some people say this is our place, you are not wanted here
Feb 21 - The Full Cupboard of Life | Page 60-74 | 20 min PM too late to read
     73 - strange almost meretricious
Feb 22 - The Full Cupboard of Life |  Page 74-107 | 30 min midday
     74 - accepted with alacrity
     76 - disabuse him of the idea
     85 - tea is always the solution
     92 - They were usually quite adamant that they were right, even if there was no basis for what they said
     104 - testamentary disposal
Feb 23 - The Full Cupboard of Life | Page 107-132 | 30 min midday
     110 - botho
     121 - You will find what you are looking for in life
Feb 24 - The Full Cupboard of Life | Page 132-164 | 30 min midday
     147 kgotta meeting
     150 tsotsisype
     157 lassitude
     161 stentorian voice
     162 remonstrated
Feb 25 - The Full Cupboard of Life | Page 164 - 198 END OF BOOK
     197 ululations
A wonderful light read that opens the reader to the way different people think, and makes Boswana seem like a very fortunate country indeed!  I have read others of the series, not sure I have read them in order though. This is book #5!

Feb 26 M - The Good Husband of Zebra Drive - | Page 3 -25 | 30 Min PM
Feb 27 T - The Good Husband of Zebra Drive - | Page 25 - 39 | 26 Min PM Sleepy
     25 remonstrate
     26 Everyone knows that
     38 penury
Feb 28 W - The Good Husband of Zebra Drive - | Page 39 - 72 | AM
     47 That is the most important thing
     50 biology, human need, human suffering
     51 at least we can try
     58 forgive each other and start over again
Feb 28 W - The Good Husband of Zebra Drive - | Page 72 - 109 | 33 min midday
     84 vade mecum
     90 salubrious
     91 incorrigible
    105 bereft
    106 moroseness and prickly
Feb 28 W - The Good Husband of Zebra Drive - | Page 109 -213 END OF BOOK 105 min midday
    113 errant
    114 thwart
    115 you do not know anything until you know why you know it
    116 admonitory
    119 sustenance and out on the verge and braized maize cobs and plates of pap
   128 impetuousity
   133 mozambiquan peri-peri sauce and ignominious
   137 irascible nature
   143 indefinable way and plaintive look, and Rra and Mma
   153 prised open
   158 veldshoen
   160 braaivleissite
   165 that's all a child needs to know - to know it is loved.  That's all.
   166 syrup sandwiches
   169 emanate and recalcitrant
   171 placatory gesture
   191 extricated
   197 how can people imagine that the stars had any thing to do with our tiny distant lives
   198 palpable
   199 innards and glaringly obvious and bemused and tutelage
   202 denunciations
Another nice book in this series.  A light read with many fun words to try to use myself!  Charming descriptions of the country and the people of Botswana. Insights that carry over to all peoples and places. According to Goodreads this is the 8th book in the series.

Mar 1 Th - Heart of Stone | Start - 32 | 30 min AM  4th book in the series.  We saw the author in Pasadena at 2016 book signing.  Fun to listen to, I'm surprised I hadn't already read the book.  But glad I am reading it now!
Mar 2 F - Heart of Stone | Page 32-47 | 30 min PM
Mar 3 S - Heart of Stone | Page 47 - 79 | 40 min AM
Mar 4 S - Heart of Stone | Page 79-105 | 30 min AM
Mar 5 M - Heart of Stone | Page 105-131| 35 min PM
Mar 6 T - Heart of Stone | Page 131-198 | 77 min midday
Mar 7 W - Heart of Stone |  Page 198 - 260 | 90 min PM
Mar 8 T - Heart of StonePage 260-287 END OF BOOK | 28 min AM This was a fun read, there were lots of way the murders could have happened as the people involved were very complicated.  It was a silly in some parts, but oh well. I enjoyed it and may look for other books by this author.

Mar 9 F - The Book of General Ignorance | Page 1 - 15 | 30 min AM  This is a differently organized book, there are 230 items that are written about and explained.  If I read 30 min at a time then I will be just whizzing by the information and not remembering anything, even that day after reading! So instead I will go back and read one subject a day...It'll be a fun read!

Mar 10 S - What's the Matter with Kansas? | Page 1 - 20 | 30 min midday
Mar 11 S - What's the Matter with Kansas? | Page 20 - 34 | 28 min PM
Mar 12 M -What's the Matter with Kansas? | Page 34 - 55 | 43 min PM
Mar 13 T - - Ismael | Page 3 - 25 | 30 min PM
     8 Sarsen of stonehedge
     9 Koan
     11 ratiocination
     15 epitomized
     16 boyle's law
     16 disconcerted
     16 placidly
     16 stoically
     17 fugue stage
     18 belvedere
     18 post hoc, ergo propter hoc
     20 quixotic gesture
     20 self-recriminations
Mar 14 W -Ismael | Page 25 - 50 | didn't track days/time
     27 epistemology
     28 few ppl willing to accept the burdens and risk of friendship, as I conceive it
     28 misanthropic
Mar 15 T - Ismael | Page 50 - 75 | didn't track days/time
Mar 16 F - Ismael | Page 75 -105 | didn't track days/time
Mar 17 S - Ismael | Page 105 - 141 | 30 min midday
Mar 18 S -What's the Matter with Kansas? | Page 55 - 72 | 33 min PM 
Mar 19 M - Ismael | Page 141 - 175 | 50 min PM
Mar 20 T - Ismael | Page 175 - 204 | 30 min PM
     202 dreck
Mar 21 W - Ismael | Page 204-233 | 33 min PM
     212 noplussed me
Mar 22 T - Ismael | Page 233-252 | 30 min PM
     247 Chalice & Blade by Raine Eisler (his inspiration book)
     248 There is no one right way to live
     249 self-absolved
     250 incantation, humphed, mollified, inane idea
Mar 23 F  - Ismael | Page 252-263 | 11 min mid day END OF BOOK
     252 Donald Trump can do a lot of things I can't but he can no more get out of prison than I can.  Book written 1977 published 1992.
     252 equitably redistributed
     254 valedictory nod
     259 You never know how you are going to handle a problem until you actually have it
     260 premonition, aged bribee
     261 seemed a bit wan
Very interesting book.  Would be good to read in a group to get different people's interpretations.  The end thought that stood out for me was that humankind should think of itself as being created to be part of the world, rather than thinking it was created to rule the world.
Mar 24 S -What's the Matter with Kansas? | Page 72-90 | 30 min AM tired
     79 mulcting
     79 unctuous, plantitudes, sophistries, plutocracy
     82-83 Lucas Kansas Sculpture garden
     83 Mullinville Kansas highway 400 art work
Mar 25 S - What's the Matter with Kansas? | Page 90 - 116 | 30 min midday
     109 - story on taxes
Mar 26 M - What's the Matter with Kansas? | Page 116-134 | 30 min AM
     122 - excoriating
     123 - foments revolution
     125 - liberalism story all powerful
     134 - inveigh
Mar 27 T -  - What's the Matter with Kansas? | Page 134- 152 | 30 min AM
     140 - life had permanently lost its luster
     143 - anomie
     145 - crave for the solid rock of certainty.  I set about finding it without the benefit of history, sociology, theory or philosophy
     150 - political ideas were derived more from his fortunate social position than from reason and learning
     151 - pamegyrists

I've messed up on my record keeping for this book reading goal.  So for now on when I read 30 minutes I will add a note to the list.  The goal is still to read 30 minutes for every day of the year!

Mar 28 W - Ikea's Real Swedish Food Book | Page 1-92 | Approx 30 min |  The recipes were not very imaginative, and the ingredients list sometimes referred to things that I have not seen at my Ikea.  Disappointing. END OF BOOK
Mar 29 T - Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself | Approx 30 min |
Mar 30 F- Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself | Approx 30 min |
Mar 31 S- Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself | Approx 30 min |
Apr 1 S- Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself | Approx 30 min | DONE.  Known to me for MASH role, it was interesting to learn how he has lived.  After obtaining celebrity status he is asked to give many public speeches.  He is organized as he seemed to have copies of them all.  The book has a sort of life lesson or back story told, then the text of the speech is included.  Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind to "get" all the points.  It was amazing to me that someone could be so organized to save all their notes, to have so many varied experiences and friends.  Have to admit I sped thru some of the sections, can't remember why now though.... END OF BOOK
Apr 2 M - The Search for Aladdin's Lamp (Choose Your Own Adventure #117) | Approx 30 min | page 1 - 
Apr 3 T - The Search for Aladdin's Lamp (Choose Your Own Adventure #117) | Approx 45 min | Page 119 DONE. This was fun way to read.  The different choices were interesting. I went back and read to all the various plots that were offered.  Then I just went and read the pages as I could see I had missed a few decision choices.  My son used to read these books and he said he thought they often included some pages that were never linked to, but he had not been scientific with mapping the book out.  I know there are more of these books in his boxes in the garage.  If we come across them and I have time, I would read again.  Scholastic used to have a computer program for kids to write their own stories with different endings.  I remember I had a friend come over with a problem to think thru and we used that Scholastic program to help her think thru the different choices she had to face and the resulting consequences.  It was a very useful exercise. Anyway, I could see how this kind of writing would making reading more exciting for kids who did not love reading, and those who do too!  The reading level is noted to be grade 4.  Wonderful reminder of how advanced kids at that age are and what good vocabularies they have - or at least are exposed to in their at grade level books.  Here are some of the words that were advanced I think for 4th grader: Lurid, ghastly, malevolent, ethereal (but not in the content of the story). END OF BOOK.

June 19-July 24 was in Ireland. Didn't note what books read during April, May and June.  So much for keeping my goal of writing that information down!

Can't remember - Read novel while traveling to and in Ireland. Remember I liked it.  Left in lobby in Dublin so someone else could read it!

July assorted dates - Brooklyn Bought this book at New Grange and read this while traveling in Ireland.  Several people had mentioned it.  I think because it was about some going to the United States and the cities in Ireland are ones my husband's family lived or visited.  I did not like the book, it upset me.  I discussed the book with my son, and not to give away the story, he suggested I was associating with the mother, where I was probably supposed to be associating with the main character, the daughter. Left in B&B in Belfast for next person to read. END OF BOOK.

July assorted dates - Without Reservations  Picked this up at Belfast B&B.  It was an easy read.  Thought it would be more about traveling, but it was more about the people she met while traveling.  So people are important.  I have met some interesting people on the Ireland trip but didn't exchange information so I don't know where they are now.  On the plane back (while I was reading this book) I met an Ireland lady who has been living in Australia for 18 years.  No kids.  Her husband raises sheep and sells the Moreno wool to suit makers in Italy.  She was a PT, but recently went to school to become a horticulturalist - she helps people design and plant gardens.  But now they are selling the 2000 (or was it 3000?) sheep and they are looking to move back to Ireland.  She said it's good timing as they are getting a great price in Australia, and the prices in Ireland are lower.  They will get a place near her family.  Sounds nice.  After she left in London, I read the book and the character then was talking about different gardens to visit in England.  Too bad I didn't read that part before she left.  Anyway, nice book.  END OF BOOK.

August assorted dates - We Were There at the Battle of Britain Read this when I returned from Ireland.  I had picked books to give away and decided to read a few before doing that (many were ones were had purchased for our son so I hadn't read them).  This one was really done well.  The story was interesting, and I learned or relearned things from WWII.  For example: Dunkirk.  I had heard this mentioned, but didn't know what it referred to. In the story, the main character is involved in helping to evacuate soldiers from France. What an event.  Using pleasure and fishing boats, soldiers were picked up and brought back to safety.  Battle of Britain. What a stressful set of days with England being bombed in such an irregular manner.  Rudolf Hess. Flew to Scotland to to secretly attempt to open peace negotiations with the British! END OF BOOK.

August 10-13 - Tom Swift and this Flying Lab Thinking it would be fun to read while on plane to/from Colorado trip I brought this book along.  I won't be reading anymore of this series!  It was so so so unrealistic. Tom and his family/friends are presented with incredible problems and after a few hours figure the solution and hand it off to the story has Tom saying goodnight to others, then working on how to develop the metal, writing things out, then going to workers to have them not only develop the metal, but make it, machine it to fit where it was needed and to install it so it is ready for him to do another test flight after breakfast!  In a dream world though it would be nice to have workers and lab ready to do what I needed.  I picked this one from the stack of books to give away as I had never read a Tom Swift book, and it was published the year I was born. I just looked the author upThe character of Tom Swift was conceived in 1910 by Edward Stratemeyer, founder of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, a book-packaging company. Stratemeyer invented the series to capitalize on the market for children's science adventure. The Syndicate's authors created the Tom Swift books by first preparing an outline with all the plot elements, followed by drafting and editing the detailed manuscript. The books were published under the house name of Victor Appleton. Yep, that is what it seemed like.  A book written by different people, crowding in as much as they could, to have book ready for market for kiddos! END OF BOOK.

Have ordered a pocket print weekly calendar so I have a place to note name of book reading.  Think it will make it easier to note appointments and things to remember too.

Aug 14 - Aug 23 - Land that Time Forgot Trilogy  Great stories!  Fun to imagine the events happening.  Dinosaurs and men living side by side.  Includes "The Land that Time Forgot," "The People that Time Forgot," and "Out of Time's Abyss."  If you have't read it do!

Aug - Sep How Lost was my Weekend Very interesting.  Published in 1948 so about a different time.

Sep - Juicy Tomatoes Short stories to learn how different women are living after turning 50.  Different ways to live.  Interesting but I felt tired do not see how people can do so much.

Sep - Pemberley?  A book written about the events that happened in Pride and Prejudice from the point of view of the mother, Mrs. Bennett.  A good read.  The story extends to after the novel.

Oct - Love and Ruin  - very interesting.  I gave the book away but there was a line where she says how wonderful it was that she had someone to talk about everything with.

Nov - Dec - The Death of Mrs Westaway.  At the beginning, this was intriguing.  But I felt I had already read a book where the body was still in the unused boathouse.

Dec -  The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning - disappointing with lack of real information.  Interesting how she is working thru her own death cleaning.  I looked her up and she is into posting photos of flowers a lot now.

Dec - The Charles Schwab Guide to Finances After Fifty.  A little out of date (2014) but still filled with information to be aware of.  She stresses getting a financial planner.  I went to CalSTRS and got the information I think I need...

Plan meals and cook! Or Unusual Activity (involve food)
Jan 5 - Walk by the Ocean and Dinner with friends - pizza made with canned dough!
Jan 13 - Made spaghetti casserole for quilting group friends
Jan 14 - DR over for my birthday dinner and special burnt almond cake prepared by my husband and son!
Feb 4 - Dinner with AB and JG - BD and AD too!
Feb 10 - JR 1st birthday party in the park
Feb 23 - DR over for dinner
Feb 26 - Over DR for dinner and sunset
Mar 3 - Made Royal Russian Cake with Son
Mar 3 - made Prep+Pared meal kit salmon with husband (on salad)
Mar 4 - made Prep+Pared meal kit carne asada with husband
Mar 5 - made Prep+Pared meal kit coconut chicken current with husband (added string beans and left over Thai chicken)
Mar 6 - made Prep+Pared meal kit hummas baked chicken (added one squash and made salad) 
Mar 8 - made Prep+Pared meal kit tofu stir fry (added chicken and peas and salad)
Mar 9 - made Rachel Ray Lemon Chicken (added onions, peppers, string beans)
Mar 10 - made BBQ Chicken Pizza using Trader Joe's dough
Mar 11 - made Prep+Pared meal kit carne asada with son
Mar 13 - son made Prep+Pared Hoisen Braised Tofu (added shrimp)
Mar 14 - made Baklava Pie with son
Mar 14 - made Prep+Pared meal kit Truffle Steak (asparagus instead of broccoli) with husband - sweet potato fries were not crisp
Mar 18 - attended birthday open house for friend
Mar 22 - heated costco Cioppino, served with bread and salad
Mar 23 - made Prep+Pared recipe with chicken instead of steak for Pollo Asado - (served with left over rice, sour cream, guacamole) very good
Mar 25 - - made Prep+Pared meal kit hummas baked chicken (salad, onions, cauliflower)
Mar 26 - made Taylor farms Orange stir fry with chicken onions bellpepper
Apr 2 - made Rachel Ray Lemon Chicken - friends came over
Apr 22 - Over R for dinner
Apr 28 - To BH for his retirement dinner

Walk and Exercise (noted here only if over 10K steps or unusual movement activity)
Dec 28 - Jan 2 - WEEKEND Borrego Springs w/ DH DS and Buffy
Jan 5 - Walk by the Ocean with DH, DR, BR - 11K steps
Jan 23 - Hamilton
Jan 26 - 28 - WEEKEND Pasadena w/ DS restaurants, architecture
Feb 9 - Pickle Ball with BP 10K steps
Feb 16 - 18 - WEEKEND Yuma w/ DH DS and Buffy ham radio event
Feb 19 - Over 10K steps Met Bumps for breakfast and little walk - walk with DS to lunch and around house
Feb 22 - Over 12K steps walking Costco with PC
Feb 24 - Balboa Park with DH for Pokemon Event (earlier to quilt guild show)
Feb 24 - San Diego Opera Turandot w/ DH DS
Mar 7 - 11K steps
Mar 14 - 10K steps
Mar 15 - 17 - WEEKEND Palm Springs - saw friends haven't seen in a while or years from organization we used to be active in.  Interested to hear what others have been doing and how they are now.  New to me drink: grapefruit juice, bitters, vodka, tequila Yum!  w/ DH
Mar 15 - 10K steps
Mar 16 - 11.6K steps
Mar 17 - 11K steps
Mar 21 - 11K steps
Mar 23 - San Diego Opera Florencia en el Amazonas w/ DH DS
Mar 24 - 10K steps  March for Gun Control and Old Town met up with AD for march, DH for lunch
Mar 26 - AMC Quilt - basted quadruple irish chain chatted with J, walk Fiesta Island Dog Park with C (almost 10K)
Mar 28 W - 13K steps
Apr 4 W - 12K steps
Apr 14 - 15K steps
May 3 Th - 15K steps
May 12 S - 12K steps

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adding - follow along with exercise/walking video

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May 23 - Jessica Smith 1 mile accountability