Thursday, February 8, 2018

Just Checking: Was it the fleece, batting or fmqing design?

After finishing the Put a Little Love in Your Heart Project, I was curious to check if the quilting puffiness dimension was a product of the FMQing or the fleece or the batting.  

I pulled out a charity top made with a different quilt pattern and finished it with the same walking foot quilting design and batting.  Not as puffy, but still a great design...

So it was the fleece that make the Put a Little Love in Your Heart Quilt puffy (and I liked the puffiness for that quilt). But with or with out the puffiness I like this variation of the orange peel quilting design!

This quilt had the binding sewn on the front as I thought I was going to try hand stitching it on the back.  But instead I found some thread that almost matches the rust border and sewed the binding on.  These were 2 inch bias cut strips.  Sewn on the front and then the back with 1/4 inch seam.

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