Thursday, February 15, 2018

Leah Day's Explore Walking Foot Quilting: Super Wobble

To get back to quilting, today I stitched my version of Leah Day's Super Wobble.

Perhaps today wasn't the best day to try this stitch.  I was impatient and the idea of having lines .5 inches apart was not appealing.

I watched the videos, marked the center and started.
After stitching the first few stitches I realized I had left the needle so it was to the left, and I was unable to see any of the markings.

I thought I could go back and add stitches so the center would be more evenly stitched.

So here is my finish.

It doesn't look anything like Leah's, but it's okay.  Took 35 minutes to quilt this.  Might be fun to try an even circle spiral. Claire said she likes to do those with walking foot.

The batting for this block is very firm.  Sure hope I'll be able to meet a Hobb's rep at a meeting or convention so I can match the batting with the name of the batting!


  1. This looks great! And it does kinda look like Leah's. It's called Super Wobble, so it's okay to wobble right to the end, if you ask me. I'm a girl with little patience, so I can't imagine spending so much time on a quilt motif. Turns out all along I've been doing a pretty good job. I just didn't know what to call it! Just keep practicing, you'll be amazed with how quickly you'll achieve whatever motif you want....wobble or not. :)


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