Saturday, February 3, 2018

Long Weekend: Borrego Springs Dec 2017/Jan 2018

For Christmas this year, I gave my husband and son each ten index cards to write down places to go together and then to do it!  A tricky way to get to see them for at least a little while without work looming in the background.

Our first trip was to Borrego Springs.

On the way we got food at a great BBQ place in Ramona (Pete's BBQ and Burgers).  It's a liquor store.  Much better to eat while there, but we took the food to a park to eat this time....

It took a while to get to Borrego Springs, but once we got there Buffy settled in quite nicely!

We stayed in this house...  To the right is a guest house that we did not rent.

 We were right next to the state park.

Breakfast in a festive setting!

 The house is just for renting, but it is well equipped.

 The shelves for the towels was handy.

Nice flat doorways.

Peaceful patio

Beautiful views.

I couldn't capture the sunrise in the photo of the back view.  The first morning I thought the palms were on fire as they turned so orange and bright!

We ate out for one meal a day, the rest we made in the kitchen.  This was our favorite cafe. It had good food and was easy to eat with Buffy outside.  Although the art museum cafe had a really good pizza crust, but it was in an outdoor patio without a door next to the busy street so it wasn't as pleasurable to eat.

 View from the parking lot of the grocery store.

The way back home we took a different route and went around part of the Salton Sea.

We went to Shields date farm for date shakes.  Boy that area has sure built up, now surrounded by shopping strips! When I was little and even for my son a few years ago it seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.

And we stopped at Salvation Mountain, the west coast version of Holy Land USA to take photos.

We were on our little trip for three nights. Great little holiday together.  We spent most of the time reading or napping - guess we needed that.  We did drive to see the desert sculpture and to see the different neighborhoods too.

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