Sunday, February 18, 2018

Long Weekend: Yuma Arizona Feb 2018

Just got back from a nice weekend in Yuma, Arizona.

We went mainly for my two guys for the Ham Fest.  It's a conference and swap meet for people interested in ham radio.

We've been to other events like this, but this one was a nice size.  The people were for the most part very friendly too.  And they let me bring little Buffy in so that was a nice bonus (as I thought I'd either be in the car or hotel for the two days).

This is some special antenna - looked like a FMQing design to me!

Another antenna - this one almost pointing to a near earth space balloon they had set out that went I think up 9K feet.  it was traveling at 40 miles an hour - they had cameras and sensors to give them information. 

 Other organizations - t-shirts.

They had two lectures to choose from about ham radio each hour, and a very organized group of wives who also had a lecture most of the hours - on things they were interested in.  Gardening, crafts...  I didn't find out about that until the end as I didn't take a conference program.

I didn't take photos of the vendor area or the swap meet area.  Lots of things to look at, we found and bought a nice red tool chest that will help things get organized in the garage....

Most of the people were very nice, there was a variety of interests. Some that I wouldn't be interested in - living off the grid and survivalist stuff.  (And there were some negative guys with a confederate flag decal on their truck that were making strange, nasty comments about people.)

On our way back we drove thru Yuma.  This was a park by the Colorado River. Several playgrounds.  Very nice.  (I was driving so didn't get photos of the neat mid-century hotel and store signs.)

Some of the trees were filled with these singing birds!

Design by the restroom exit.

Then we stopped at the Museum of Granite.  But it really is (I think) associated with some sort of cult.  So didn't stay at all.  The entrance said welcome, but then it said all cars had to pay to pass, but they had put a piece of tape to cover the place where you'd put money and didn't say what the amount would be anyway.  We thought it was going to either be place to learn about geology or once we got closer that it would be folk art.  But it was just strange.

Buffy and son didn't even leave the car...

Then we stopped at the desert view tower.  Last time we were by the man was not in the gift shop so we didn't stay to see anything.  This time it was windy and clear - fun to go up and look around.  Click on the link to see what the front looks like (it's for sale now!)  We didn't go in the rocks to see the art work, hope to do that another trip.  It was too windy to do much walking today!

On the way back we went off the freeway and onto Historical Highway 80 so we passed thru little towns and were right next to the border with Mexico.

Our third out of town weekend this year!  Hurray!

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