Sunday, February 4, 2018

Long Weekend: Pasadena Jan 2018

Lots of Photos Now....

My son and I had a wonderful time in Pasadena.  The bonus was the restaurant we thought was going out of business found a new location so they will be moving, not closing down.  Still we ate four meals there since we had driving up and reserved a room at a hotel. 

So goodbye to the Twohey's I knew!  So glad they found a new location though!

We ate one meal at a different place - Nine Nine Thai food.

And inbetween that we went on a once a month neighborhood walk and toured the inside of the Gamble House.  Such a treat!

The corners of things do not have corner - this repeated in all possible places.

The roof line is flatter and the beams extend beyond the roof.

Notice how the rocks at the bottom are largest - then the size at the middle and top...

Using local rocks to make a stream in the drive way!

After a few years started adding bricks with the rocks.

Front door of the Gamble House.

There were three locations with sinks in the kitchen that I saw - there may have been another one in the food storage area.

The corner of this cabinet is not 90 degrees - made this way so people going from room to room do not hit their hips on it.

Storage area for the table pads!

Bottom of all the closets had a door to put shoes.

Built in 1908 by the family of Proctor and Gamble.  Must have been wonderful to live in this house.

We also went to Vroman's Bookstore and walked up and down the aisles to see the selection of books..

We stayed at the Wyndham - close to lots of restaurants and stores...

They had the neatest lights in the headboards.

 Just pull out to turn on, and easy to direct where ever you want!

We were near the City Hall, library, city buildings, beautiful churches too.

We also visit where my Godmother used to live and the company my Dad worked for - that put me thru college!

We walked to the cemetery to pay our respects.. They have wifi, but the website only had numbers associated with the people, not their location...

On the way home we stopped for a meal at Clearman's Northwoods Inn.  A family favorite since I was a little girl... Still fun to eat the peanuts and throw the shells on the floor!

They have a best root beer here, the red cabbage salad and blue cheese salad are my favorites now!

A good weekend!

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