Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Starry Bright Sky QAL - Textured Four-Patches - Windmill Cathedral Window Month 2

Here is the second of the textured blocks for the Starry Bright Sky QAL!

My hints:  I found using a walking foot really helped put this block together.  When joining the folded triangles: instead of leaving the needle down and turning the fabric, it worked better for me to run the needle off the fabric then pull the fabric off and to start a new line.  I joined the four patch together then used the machine to stitch the fabric down.  I did all the stitching (so far) in one pass so stitching goes over the intersection of the four patches. To be consistent I will probably go back and add stitching so all the folds are secured (but I may do this when there is batting behind the block).

You can start to see how the blocks look together since I have finished four (of the six released) now.

If you didn't hear about the Starry Bright Sky QAL before, please visit Alida's Starry Bright Sky QAL page

There you will find all information about the quilt layout, all the future blocks and the rules to participate. And you will be able to see what all the other participants are doing for the challenge!

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