Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day - Mug Rugs

During Carol's Put a Little Love in Your Quilt BlogHop, Karen at Tu-Na Quilts shared a project for making a cute mug rug. (She has the link to the pattern in the caption of the photo.)

So instead of buying chocolate for my husband and son, I made them each a coffee mug from me! I used scraps that were out from the project I did for the BlogHop.

But for the binding, I had to pull out some other fabric.  I cut it 2 inches wide as Leah suggests for machine binding.  I was going to try hand stitching, but chickened out!  The backs are the initial triangles from when I made the binding for the BlogHop project.

Leah Day: Info on applying binding by machine

Sew Very Easy:  Folding at start, makes it easy to do the start and end of the binding on a small item.  Instead of folding and cutting the initial fold I just folded.

I'm working on using the walking foot with Leah Day this year.  For quilting I outlined the mug, handle and heart.  The batting is my first cut into the huge roll of insulated batting that I got a few years ago at a quilt shop fire sale.

Hope my guys will use their gifts at work and think of me!  
They didn't receive this morning as I was still working on finishing them when they left for work. 

Thank you again to Karen at Tu-Na Quilts for sharing her project that inspired me to make these Valentine mug rugs.

Not Quilting

Yesterday made crepes for Mardi Gras.

Used my mom's recipe:

Earlier I had made apple sauce so that and sour cream was inside each one.  I made them in the afternoon then put a sheet of parchment paper (my mom used waxed paper) between each and put in the frig.  When ready to eat just put in a warm oven for a while and serve.

My friend from quilting class told me her family made for Mardi Gras so I decided to make for us too!

Today going to make Martha Stewart's upside down lemon merinque pie.  I've never made before, but this recipe was appealing as I could skip making the crust!

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  1. Such cute mug rugs! Mug mug rugs. Isn't that fun to say! :) Thanks for the Sew Very Easy link. I hadn't seen that one. Laura's videos are always very informative.


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