Monday, February 19, 2018

Leah Day's Explore Walking Foot Quilting: Zigzag Lines

Another walking foot design by Leah Day - Zigzag Lines.

This design was pretty easy to do.  I started by spacing with the edge of the walking foot, then decided to use the walking foot guide to have more space between the lines.

I did draw the lines to indicate when the needle was going to be turned, but in a few cases I overshot that mark.  In those cases I tried to make the corner crisp and just did the line so it was evenly spaced from the guide line.

The bobbin ran out in the middle of the work, but I followed Leah's hints and the end and beginning of the line really does not show any interruption in the stitching - with a magnifying glass I can see, but I doubt anyone else will inspect the block that closely!

The batting this time is black, it was very firm.  I'm going to ask a friend who is going to the Pasadena conference to buy another sample pack of the batting from Hobb's hoping that I'll be able to label what battings I am using for this sampler project!

Leah's Directions are very clear - Hope you will get the book and join in the projects this year!

Started the day with a five mile walk around a local lake with a quilting friend and her dog.  Amazing how much more fun it is to walk with a friend!

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