Sunday, February 4, 2018

Leah Day's Explore Walking Foot Quilting: Bright Star

Another great Leah Day lesson on Walking Foot Quilting.  Today I worked on quilting a Bright Star!

In the post Leah also included a review for how to deal with broken threads and hiding thread starts and stops.  Every time I watch the videos I pick up new information. First time I missed that we were to tie a knot but did get to bring the threads inside the quilt at least an inch. Then somehow I thought I was supposed to take the two ends and tie two knots! This time I've got it, just loop both threads, insert the end, and put the needle it to control where the knot ends up. And in this video I could see that the two threads do not come out the same hole. I was using a needle to get the threads out of the same hole figuring I had done something wrong. Anyway, I think I have it now!

But to be real in making my bright star I didn't watch the tying and hiding thread video again until I had done a few rays. 

I'm pretty pleased with how mine turned out. For a few of the in-between rays I went from one side to the other carefully checking that the tape was placed in the correct center point. I was slowing down when sewing to be extra careful at that point and now rewatching the bright star video I realize I was also doing what I was supposed to do to cut down on the thread build up. 

Since I started outside the marked square and ended also outside the marked square I missed out on some of the tying off practice, but know there will be other opportunities for that!

Here is the front:

Here is the back:

Thanks so much Leah for these lessons.
This post includes a link to how to do the design with a walking foot, with a quilting foot, how to mark, and how to hide broken threads!

This is all part of her 2018 project on using the walking foot.  She has a book to supplement the videos. So far this has been very fun to follow along!


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