Thursday, February 8, 2018

Leah Day's Explore Walking Foot Quilting: Concentric Squares

Continuing on with learning walking foot quilting designs with Leah Day...

This time it was Concentric Squares.

Here is my front.

And the back.

Each square had a new start and stop that had to be tied off.  I had thought I would do the design 1 inch apart, but then after awhile changed it up.

The directions are clear.  For me, today this design wasn't that much fun to sew.  Perhaps in a real quilt it would help make the quilt sing!  For the project we were supposed to make the rainbow log cabin, but I was working on the Blog Hop Heart project so didn't have time.  I think I may pull put a flimsie and do the stitching on that instead....

But for this sampler,  here are my first four designs....

I forgot to mention that I'm using a sample pack of different types of Hobbs batting for this project.  I got them at the San Diego Quilt Show and must have used a piece for something.  They are all out of order now so I really don't know what batting is what!


  1. How fun to see these samples on your quilt quest of quilting with your walking foot!

  2. Will you qayg them all together?

    1. That is the plan, not sure if it will happen though... Thanks for coming by!


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