Friday, February 23, 2018

Repairing a Quilt...

Around 1992 I made a quilt by figuring out what to cut and sew without a pattern.  I think it's a Quadruple Irish chain.  If there is such a thing...  I was so pleased to be done that I put the unquilted top on a table for a party.  It was beautiful.  But wax from a candle dripped on the center of the quilt so it was just folded up and put away.  I didn't know how to quilt yet anyway...

But now I'm following along Leah Day for Explore Walking Foot Quilting.  I decided I didn't need to make yet another quilt top, so plan on doing the stitches on this Quadruple Irish Chain.

So today, I took the seam ripper and removed the part with the wax, and sewed in a new piece.  I had a bunch of the fabric saved for the binding...

I can see where the repair is, but hope when I get the quilting added it won't be as visible.

I purchased this fabric at a local quilt shop, but it sure does not feel as nice as the new fabric sold today!

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