2021 Online Quilt Challenges/Ideas

Hmm - for a few years I would make a list of projects I wanted to finish or work on for the year, links to remember, etc.  Then I started adding links to my finishes.  Then I would copy the page and move it so it was a post in the blog so the header would not be cluttered.

I skipped making any kind of list for 2020.  I wonder why?

Anyway, in an attempt to motivate myself to quilt and sew, I share the links I have found for 2021.

This page will be updated I hope throughout the year on a regular basis. Updated not only with new ideas but hopefully some finishes too!

2021 Online Quilt and other Challenges

Log Cabin Quilt Sampler: https://www.epidastudio.com/log-cabin-sampler-quilt-directory/  See also https://quiltquest.blogspot.com/2021/04/round-up-week-13-another-log-cabin.html

2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge: https://thejoyfulquilter.blogspot.com/2020/12/a-gift-from-me-2021-table-scraps.html

Rainbow Scrap Challenge: https://superscrappy.blogspot.com/p/rsc-2021.html
Jan - Pink, Feb - Yellow, Mar - Green, Apr - Blue, May - Red

Scrap Dance Pachanga Mystery Quilt Along: https://frommycarolinahome.com/2021/01/08/scrap-dance-pachanga-mystery-quilt-along/ Steps will post twice a month, on the second and fourth Friday.

Leader & Ender Challenge - Easy Breezy!: https://quiltville.blogspot.com/2020/07/easy-breezy-leader-ender-challenge.html (July to July)

Post your Goal: 1st through the 7th Post Goal Finish: 6 days at the end of the month

Kawandi Quilt Tutorial:  https://youtu.be/yFd0xEfKeto
Shows how to start a project - and sort of how to continue to finish it off. 

Quilt Abecedary: https://quiltabecedary.blogspot.com/
Instructions for a wonky alphabet, all improv. 

2014-2016 Small Bee Group sharing Blocks: http://midcenturymodernbee.blogspot.com/

View from the TeaPot:  Life in a small French Village: https://fatdormouse.wordpress.com/

Scrappy PP Triangles: https://www.leilagardunia.com/  Free download of 52 designs.

“I’ll never understand this obsession with accumulating material wealth.  You spend your entire life plotting and scheming to acquire more and more possessions until your living areas are bursting with useless junk. Then you die and your relatives sell everything and start the cycle all over again.” - Odo from Deep Space Nine

Around Oct 31 go to https://www.justletmequilt.com/ to sign up for the Virtual Cookie Exchange!

She has both quilt design and FMQ designs for each of the blocks.

When it comes time for me to do a larger quilt, I will get things in place and then have my helper watch part of this video! http://www.aqsblog.com/how-to-spray-baste-a-quilt or https://youtu.be/dBFAiwmPQBc

https://fs.blog/start/ If you’re looking to go to bed smarter than when you woke up, you’ve come to the right place.  Farnam Street (or FS as we call it) focuses on timeless lessons and insights for work and life. We do this by ‘mastering the best of what other people have already figured out.’ After all, it’s much easier to benefit from lessons that other people have already paid the price for than making all the mistakes yourself.  You won’t find fads, sound-bytes, or strategies that work for a while then fail when things change. Instead you’ll find insights and wisdom that makes things easier, not harder. 

Stay at Home Round Robin:  http://thedarlingdogwood.blogspot.com/
Monday Updates: Center, Piano Keys, Flying Geese, Checkerboard, Stars  
4-13-21 I can't find the links now!  There does not seem to be a menu page for the project.

Hearts on Fire Blog Hophttps://quiltinggail.com/
Many bloggers have quilts with hearts - but no red allowed
4-13-21 I can't find the links now!  There does not seem to be a menu page for the project.

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