Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday June 2: Photo Finish

Woke up feeling ill.  Not a good way to wake up or feel.  I loaded up on all the OTC stuff we had - then went back to the fitful sleep.

Finally now feeling okay.

I spent most of the day either reading newspaper, websites, and unsubscribing from email lists - hours later I still have
86% full
Using 8.8 GB of your 10.1 GB
in the gmail account!

I took the quilt to the backyard to take finishing photos - I still have to find the patch they want me to sign and sew on the piece before mailing it in.

See the beautiful plants and the Buddha that is probably much happier now than in the winter snow.

After I put the quilt down I realized I shouldn't have done that in case I pick up ticks.  Oh well.  Took quick pictures....

I have been thinking about the quilt for my husband.  The blocks are very large - I think I will do the quilting one block at a time, then will join with a regular seam in the front - and using my glue will add a stripe to the back.

It's hard somedays to get going - and today is an example of that.  Just not making good use of time that I have here today.....  81 degrees now at 6:30pm - think I'll go outside for a walk.

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