Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book: Happy Endings

This morning heard about this book - sounds like it would be wonderful reference.  The link goes to a webposting with a tip from the author - she has really thought things thru.  Great way to increase the joy of finishing a quilt.

Just take a look at the different  techniques included:
  • Finishing edges without binding
  • Finishing rounded corners
  • Making imitation binding
  • Appliquéing edges to a border
  • Working with sculpted edges
  • Finishing edges with backing
  • Finishing with overlapped corners
  • Finishing with mitered corners
  • Single- vs. double-fold binding
  • Straight-grain vs. bias binding
  • Determining binding yardage
  • Cutting bindings (straight-grain and bias)
  • Continuous bias binding
  • Cutting special fabrics for bindings (stripes, plaids, etc.)
  • Scrappy, scalloped, and sculpted bindings
  • Grandmother’s Flower Garden edges
  • Adding trims, cording, piping, prairie points, lace, and ruffles
(And the above is not a complete list!)


  1. Oh, I used to do this years ago and loved, loved, loved it. Wonder where all of my projects are now? You make me want to start the fun once again!

    1. I bet many people are enjoying your projects! So now time to do a new one - I'm thinking of adding curves to the project I'm working on for my DH.... Thank you so much for coming by Michele! : ) June


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