Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fat Quarter Game

I don't remember how I came across this game, but it looks interesting!

Everyone starts with 5 fat quarters. You have 3 dice. The dice have L, R, C and plain dots. When you roll, an L, you pass 1 fat quarter to the left. Roll an R, you pass 1 fat quarter to the right. If you roll a C, you put one fat quarter in the center. If you roll a single dot, you do nothing. As you work your way around the table, round after round, eventually, you end up with a stack of fat quarters in the center, and you end up with 2 people with 1 fat quarter. Who ever rolls a C, puts their fat quarter in the center, and the remaining player wins it all.  

Here's a link to Amazon to the dice:


  1. Haha! My niece introduced us to that game, but we play with dollar bills. But it would also be fun to play with fat quarters.

    1. Dollar Bills! How much money exchanges hands? What a hoot!


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