Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2014-06-24 Unnumbered Progress on the Boxes and a Change in Plans

I forgot to keep track of the boxes as they are emptied.  I think around 5 or 6 are gone now.

I have been scanning and tossing.

I first picked the tax returns for my parents.  My mother used to work for the IRS (I do not know what she did there, but she knew it was important to be organized.)  At first I just noticed the amounts of money on the returns and W-2s, then there were notes about events in the family too as they related to items on the returns.  I didn't know about any of the troubles, even as recently as 2004.  I found some of my returns from when I was single and can remember my thinking on some of the items.  It was interesting to remember classes I had taken and all the consulting trips I used to take.  I picked another box to go thru and discovered stories our son wrote, pictures of events.  I put the pictures in a box in the garage with other photos as I wasn't sure what we were doing with them.  So many nice times.

Today I hit a wall though when I came to folders created when my brother was ill and when my mother was first going into independent living places.  Seeing the papers has reminded me first how disorganized I am compared to my mom and then how sad it all is when they were getting ill and declining.  Notes to and from doctors and caregivers.  Being taken advantage of by caregivers, learning to make better decisions as a result.

It's too sad to go thru those papers.  Really want is needed is a yearly letter to summarize one's life and thinking - then all these papers are not necessary.

I'm switching to going thru some teaching notebooks on reading or writing.

We have ants in expected rooms, and moles or gophers outside.  I'm feeling over whelmed with trying to stick to my plan and still having the house ready for the party in August.  I really would like to have the interior painted before then.  I also want to go to Boston for a visit - there doesn't seem to be enough time to do everything.

I'm glad we have the scanner now though....  For somethings I'm not ready to let go so scanning will give me another opportunity to read and consider and learn.

There are still at least 110 boxes to process in the living room/dining room area.

I think I will just label what I can and put things away so I have more time to get ready for the party.

It will be fun to pull out the party platters and to make food with the kids and plan for the event!

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