Sunday, January 5, 2014

YouTube Beginning Quilting Tips


How to Prewash Your Quilting Fabric, Leah Day

How to Iron and Starch Your Quilting Fabrics, Leah Day


(4) Supplies Needed for (rotary) Cutting Quilting Fabrics, Leah Day

  • cutting mat - pick color you do not use very often in fabric
  • rotary cutter
  • rotary blade ruler - optima is brand she uses but in any case suggests using same brand all the time.
  • invisible grip - to help ruler not slip

How to Cut Fabric with a Rotary Cutter, Leah Day

How to Make a Perfect Cut. Quilt with Aimee!
  • 12.5 square ruler
  • 6 x 12 or 24 inch ruler
  • rotary cutter
Point trimming, JudyMartinBooks
Almost a non-example of how to do a demonstration, but she has thought about points to trim...


Quilting Batting and Basting Tips, Leah Day


Why and How to Sew With a Scant 1/4" Quilt Seam, Marci Baker
Uses tools to buy and uses the fingers each time, seems like it would be tiring to do but still good ideas to consider.  I think using an index card would work too! She puts tape in front of the needle.

Quilting Tutorials - The Perfect Seam Allowance, JudyMartinBooks
Almost a non-example of how to do a demonstration, Seam allowance test - she has tape only by the needle

Achieving a 1/4" seam allowance for patchwork - Quilting Tips & Techniques, GourmetQuilter

How to Use a Quarter Inch (1/4) Foot & Quilting Bar / Guide, Sewing Parts Online

Precise Piecing Tips: Precision Pathways Block, McCalls
HST chain piecing and square in square - uses scraps instead of leader and ender!


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