Friday, January 3, 2014

01032014: Friday Doctor, Walk and Money

Friday January 3, 2014
01032014 TV on while I read quilting blogs

Dr appt 11
  1. Daily Photo
  2. Daily Food: Yogurt with nuts, English muffin PB and marmalade. Stuffed salmon on top of salad.
  3. Exercise - walking around 8000 steps only
  4. Sewing Building Blocks RSC14 (Jan Blue)
  5. Flylady - Beginning Baby Steps - Day 1: Clean Your Sink - Day 2: Lace Up Shoes - Day 3: Explore Flylady read Launch Pad and Daily Focus (Friday De-Clutter your Purse and Car Day)
  6. Family - yep a little
  7. Others - nope
  8. Paperwork - none
  9. Vitamins AM
  10. Tasks: QG to QB, org emails, mint categorize
This was my first time with doctor - it was sort of a meet and greet I guess.  I think she might be a match but not sure.  Have to have lab work, mammogram and bone density then make another appt for the actual exam. She said from what she saw nothing to worry about but who knows what my shape really is?

Walked to and thru nearby Ralph's. Lots of selections - I bought some stuff. I haven't had PB in a month or so but I felt like I needed it. In a funk I guess I am.  Going to walk to bank to get the funds DS requested.  He will either get today or tomorrow when he leaves his dog for us to babysit.

Ate when I got back. Yogurt with nuts, English muffin PB and marmalade.

Read a lot of quilting blogs.  DH said he was walking to get his hair cut so I came along.  It was a loud walk - very doable though.  I called my friend while DH had his haircut.  We stopped by store and got some stuffed salmon for dinner.  DS called as we were on way home saying he was finally done with his meeting.  We saw him as we crossed the street to get home - so walking sort of took the same amount of time!

Passed over the money to DS, chatted a little.

Then he left.  I started another soup - this time lima bean. More quilting blogs for me. Then I baked the salmon and made salad for dinner.

Saturday Plans
DS will bring Buffy over so she is not alone while they go to a party.
Christmas stuff will be down and out before Monday.

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