Thursday, January 9, 2014

01092014: Thursday Closing a Door to Open Another One

Thursday, January 9, 2014

01092014: The fabric for my Building Blocks projects. Grey and white for the front.  Pastels for the back.
Okay, I've closed the door on the organization by writing a farewell note. I was done doing what I could do with the incomplete information I had. I could have done more if I had been given all the information promised but not delivered.  I've passed all the information with notations on too - saved in google docs so easy to find and search for things.  The other officer figured out how to set up the gmail accounts so I can now change accounts so they are out of my name.  I have a file where I keep all this information, will be good to be able to pass that all on. I do wish I had ended with saying something about how I thought she meant well. I did wish her luck so hopefully that is enough. Maybe I can remember her birthday or something.  I hope the new board will be a good bunch and they will have more meetings, help each other out, and be a team.  The new treasurer is going to push for have the organization pay for board members to receive training and go to conferences, so too bad for me in that way, but that is the way things go. It's better for people who are still teaching to get to go to places, although I really would have liked to go for Google training to really learn how to do things. It's nice to have a project to work on with other people, I'll find something else.

So today I decided on my colors for the building block quilt.  Just white and grey on the front, but big plain blocks of color on the back.  It will be unplanned.  Leah has the pattern set up so we do three or four blocks of the same design each month, but in the final quilt the blocks are sort of scattered on the front.  I hope to work with one back color each month, I may need to rotate back to a color after around 6 months but that will just mean fewer colors on the back.  I think I will use black thread for quilting as I have that.  If I have white I could use that but I will use one color for the entire project.  So now I can finally iron and cut!  But first I have to organize the room more - things have sort of piled up in there...

My friend from Boston texted me today, that was nice.  She is on her way to Florida to visit her mom.  I may still call her to say hi.  I'm really enjoying chatting with my friend in Idaho so it would be nice to that with more folks.  Another friend called tonight to invite me for dinner and a movie tomorrow night so I jumped at that - that is the door that is opening - friends!  Actually even DS texted me today, was a nice note.  And even his girlfriend sent me a coupon for JoAnn's!

Oh and I found my mouth guard last night!  I stepped on it!  We had taken the bed apart to look for it but didn't notice when putting it back that the device was on the floor.  So all is good.
  1. Daily Photo yep
  2. Daily Food cinnamon yogurt and english muffin, salad with orange chicken pears and avocado, english muffin with PB and chocolate.
  3. Exercise nope
  4. Sewing: Building Blocks,  RSC14 (Jan Blue) Only looking no sewing...
  5. Flylady: Beginning Baby Steps - Day 1: Clean Your Sink - Day 2: Lace Up Shoes - Day 3: Start exploring The FlyLady website. Be sure to read the Launch Pad section. This is where you will find the Daily Flight Plan Read flylady emails - Day 4: Your next thing is to write these things down on a sticky note and post them on your bathroom mirror and above your kitchen sink. This is the beginning of your Control Journal. The little notes help us to remember the habits we are trying to establish. Day 5: Recognizing the negative voices when you hear them and changing the words to be nice to you. That is what FLYing (Finally Loving Yourself) is all about. - Day 6: Spend 2 minutes working on a hot spot. - Day 7: Pick out clothes for next day - put them out! - Day 8: Today, go find an old three-ring binder and just put some looseleaf paper in it. Then, at the top of one page, write Morning Routine, and on the top of another page, write Before-Bed Routine in pencil. - Day 9: Today we are going to learn how to declutter our homes a few minutes at a time with some fun tools that you might have been wondering about from the reminders you have been reading in our e-mails. Making it fun will get the job done! Read the Decluttering FLYing Lesson!  Today, add a five-minute room rescue to your Morning Routine.
  6. Family - texts with DS
  7. Others - nice chats with friends and text message too!
  8. Paperwork - nope
  9. Vitamins
  10. January Tasks: 
  • Decide on fabric for the backing and thread - and prep the fabric to cut the strips 
  • QG to QB,
  • SD emails, categorize, reports to TP and google,
  • Health Insurance for DS,
  • Papers for familyt,
  • Contact boston dentist,
  • contact friends for catch-up notes
  • Make appt for mammo and bones
  • Lab work
  • Appt doctor
  • Wear ContactsAppt eye doctor
  • Appt teeth cleaning
Dinner and the Hobbit with friend!

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