Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tumbler - How to do the straight stitching?

I have pulled out my tumbler that I basted last year.  Might be I have to unbaste, iron and baste again - but I will try to just go with it.
Front - Accucut template sewn as leader ender project. Basted with pinmoors and curved pins.
Back Tumbler basted

I've been using Pinterest to find tumbler quilts finished the way I like them.  Instead of doing an all over design I would like to echo all the stitching lines.  I'm going to use black and blue thread so the stitching becomes part of the quilt pattern.

I have been leaving comments on blogs asking the folks for help.

I don't know if I start in the middle or the edge.

I don't know if I do all in one direction (the straight seams or the angled ones).

I don't know if I do an X to divide and do one quarter at a time.

I want to do the straight stitching for this quilt but can pick another edge to edge design and finish using a LeahDay design too. I would like this quilt finished so I can give it to our friend in Colorado.

I have been back from Boston since mid-August but only feeling like I have time to get organized to start new projects and finish old ones!

: )

I forgot to keep all the URLs for the tumbler I saw.  So many beautiful choices....
Here are the some of the pages I visited:
Holiday Dog Tumbler -
Holiday Dog Tumbler Angles at Edge -
Small Baby Quilt -
Tumbler -
Tumbler different FMP -
Tumber shows how to press -
Tumbler -extra strips -
Tumbler -

I don't really know how to use Pinterest, but have been collecting some sites there... it's really fun to look for different images...


  1. if you are hand quilting I would start in the middle..if you are quilting by machine..I would still start in the middle..and then work out to the sides from there...I would do the straight stitching first...hope this helps! gorgeous quilt by the way...


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