Thursday, January 23, 2014

01202014 Monday Orange County with DS

Woke up this am determined to go to OC.  Was thinking I'd have hair cut, go to fabric store, have meal at Knott's.  When I was having coffee with DH though I decided to text DS to let him know I was going - and surprise - he said he was ready to come along!

So the day was different and much nicer than what I thought it might be...

Met him on the street walking to where we were going to meet.  We took the 15 to the 5 and then to North Woods.  We both got different sandwiches than usual (he got steak and I got french dip) but we got both salads and root beer - it was nice.  Time to chat and relax.

Then we went to the fabric store - but I had misremembered how huge it is and how overwhelmed I was last time - so we left without buying anything.

Then to Knott's for jam and coffee cake.  (It wasn't lined with coconut as I remembered but still was good).

Got him back 30 minutes late, but he texted ahead so she would know.

Very nice day.  We did it all in 5 1/2 hours I think!

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