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01012014: Tuesday & Wednesday Buzzfeed - End of the Year/Beginning of the Year Things

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 and Wednesday, January 1, 2014

01012014: Transfixed watching the NCIS Marathon on New Year's Day.

Via a friend:

Via my Swedish friend:

Last night our son and his friend (and dog) surprised us by texting to see if they could come over for the evening.  Aside: I'm remembering an old book I used to read with him - "Sweet Surprises". 

I had spent the day (12/31) with my friend Jo after going to the DMV for my new photo and fingerprinting.  (the man said I could return after my face healed for a new photo!) She had gone to Whole Foods and gathered together a nice kale salad with extra toppings - and had even gotten a few of those meringue cookies that I've been seeing everywhere but hadn't tried.  Very sweet that she remembered me talking about them.  After lunch we drove to her bank, then walked over to Sprouts and had a nice time looking over the offerings.  We chatted some more at her place before I left for home.  We said we'd meet for dinner with the husbands in January.

I stopped and got some Mexican food for dinner.  DH and I ate everything quickly. Then received a text from our son asking if they could come over to watch the end of the year TV celebrations.  Of course we said 'of course'.  Be had to finish grading - I read quilting blogs then we left for grocery store to get last meal food.  We got stuffed mushrooms, tomato soup, cheese, bread, and stuff to make a great breakfast and pumpkin pie and brownies.  They were playing Boggle when we returned so we joined in for a few games. I'm terrible at the game but there was one round where I had 7 words the others did not see so that made me feel okay about it.

The evening passed quickly.  There wasn't much time to watch pre-midnight TV but we did manage to each get a little pile of coins to shake while we watched the last 30 seconds of the count down. Ma said it would bring money in the the new year to hold money - we'll see!  Once in the TV room we stayed there so there was no practice with learning Spades.  Oh well.  We watched a few episodes of Little Britain - the most politically incorrect show I've seen. The two of them fell asleep so I covered Ma with a sleeping bag (Al already was covered with one), we cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed.

They were gone when I woke, so the great breakfast was postponed.  We made some new yogurt - then time starting with room temperature milk.  Will be interesting to see how it turns out.  We each had some store bought yogurt, then were on computers with NCIS on the tube.

Around 3 I made a salad: red onion, little bell peppers, cucumber, white cheese, mango, lettuce and dressing with oil, vinegar, hummus, and sugar.  Quite nice.

So I'm thinking about new resolutions while jumping around looking at different sites.

I think the only (resolution) one I will make now is to do Leah Day's Building Blocks 2014 project. I intend to do more but that's all I can commit to now in the quilting area of life! I hope I can get some other folks to join me. I really like the way she has a list of all the strips to cut out for the different blocks.  It's not a beautiful quilt, but I know from previous experience that I will learn a ton by doing this project.  Piecing, FMQ and following through! One of my friends said she would also be following along - will be fun!

So will this be the year I record what I eat - and that I prepare more meals at home?  We'll see.

I am absolutely so missing being in Cambridge - would be so nice to be near our friends B&J there - to be able to walk around to interesting places - to volunteer and meet new people too.  Ah well.

More NCIS, then I got Be to walk with me to the store to get more supplies for the party tomorrow at Ri's.  Needed more salad materials and whipped cream for the pie that I'll make tomorrow.

For dinner we had Campbell's Go Soup Chicken with Rice Packet (250 calories, 14g fat (I didn't realize this - not something to have again I think) 2g fiber) also I heated some leftover refried beads and put between two flour tortillas - we split that.  I heated some water added some rum and made myself a Tom and Jerry (with Trader Vic Mix) to end the night!

Slightly over 7500 steps according to Moves.

Flylady - Beginning Baby Steps - Day 1: Clean Your Sink - Day 2: Lace Up Shoes Done!  My friend said she'd go thru the baby steps too....! I have been working on a lot of these already so may be able to jump to creating a control journal - but probably better to do more decluttering - I'll read more closely later.

Fun to start new things!  more fun to do things with others!

Kate is not hosting the 15 minute challenge this year.  I just found out, haven't read back far enough to find out why, but hope all is okay with her.  I was thinking of setting up a new weekly check in screen as I had when I was doing her recording challenge before.  Well it wasn't really supposed to just be a recording challenge but I morphed it into what worked for me.  So I will do that again.

Will be fun to finish old and new things!

: )

  1. Done - Daily Photo
  2. Done - Daily Food: Preparing, recording, eating healthy food
  3. Done - Exercise: work toward 10K steps a day and more! 7600
  4. Nope - Sewing
  5. Done - Flylady: Babystep review, once a week quick cleaning and declutter other areas
  6. Done - Something with Family
  7. Done - Others: keeping in touch and doing something (only email today)
  8. Nope - Paperwork: monthly, yearly, scanning and clearning out!
  9. PM - Vitamins (supposed to be Both AM & PM)

  1. Daily Photo
  2. Daily Food
  3. Exercise
  4. Sewing Building Blocks RSC14 (Jan Blue)
  5. Flylady - Beginning Baby Steps - Day 1: Clean Your Sink - Day 2: Lace Up Shoes
  6. Family
  7. Others
  8. Paperwork
  9. Vitamins

Thursday Special

7:00 wake
7:30 leave for LJ
8:30 stitches removed and doctor appointment

  • To Do's:
  1. Pumpkin Pie
  2. Brownies
  3. Salad
  4. 6 pm for Richardson's


  1. QG into QB
  2. org emails
  3. mint categorize

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