Thursday, January 30, 2014

01302014 Thursday Getting Sewing Machine Ready

Woke earlier than usual and walked to the bank - then back again.  1.6 miles I think it was in 35 minutes.  Then had yogurt and little cereal and banana and organized the fabric for the block for Building Blocks Quilt into plastic bags - made a list of fabric still needing to cut.

Then did the final cut from the strips to get the squares - and sewed the blocks.

I taped the design on the window to mark the design and could only see thru the white fabric. Read someone's idea for marking and will try that tomorrow.

Today in the blogs there were two that were discussing their new sewing room areas - what dreams! What a joke my sewing area set up is...
  1. Christa's Quilts -
  2. Diary of a Quilter -

Oh well.  I am able to sew in the room and store fabric there. Have to go to other rooms to press or to cut.  Right now I don't have a spot to baste so that will influence how I do my quilting until have that settled.

I met He for dinner and the Corner Bakery - had half a chicken sandwich.  So today was finally a fast day for the 5:2 diet!

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