Saturday, February 1, 2014

01312014 Friday A LOT of Driving Around

Had sort of long talk with DH before heading out for the day.  Every once in a while we have these talks - nothing really happens after wards - just venting I guess.

I first drove up the 15 and ended up having soup and half sandwich at Panera in Mira Mesa.  It was busier than I have even seen before!  DS said his little dog wasn't eating so he was thinking he would not be going on the Las Vegas trip.  He and I were going to have dinner and movie later so we exchanged some text messages too.

Then I drove on to the animal shelter to see about volunteering.  There were only two ladies working when I got there - they had a huge room to work in.  I ended up helping for about 90 minutes. They have several different projects or patterns.  Today they were getting pieces ready for stuffing tomorrow.  There are two main pieces to the little animal beds.  The rim and then the circle.  They sew the rim together, and then fold it in half.  The circle they sew the fleece and a piece of fabric together with an opening to put the batting in.  I'm not sure why they don't just sew the batting in at the same time - but tomorrow they will stuff the batting in and then will sew that down with either an X or a circle - just something to tack it down.  I'm not sure if they stuff the rim and then sew on or if they sew it on and then stuff it.  Maybe I will go again tomorrow to see.

After that I went to 99 cent store for some soap, then to mall by He to walk around and get some meat for top of salad.  But she called and said work was keeping her late so we cancelled for tonight.  I brought food home for DH, we ate I went to sleep.  Daphne's lemon and chicken soup, hummus and pita, chicken, salad, vegetables, baklava & churros from Rubios.  Now I'm awake so my timing is all off. Not a good day as far as being healthy!

I maybe getting the cold again - I have a sore throat.

So not sure about tomorrow or the weekend.  Hope to get some sewing done.  Would be nice to see how the animal bed project goes - it's such a long drive to that place I doubt I will do every month after all.  I don't know understand how everything I want to work on is so far away!!!  He would like me to come over for movie and lunch or dinner - I'm not sure what I will end up doing.

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