Saturday, February 1, 2014

02012014 Saturday Animal Shelter Beds

Started by reading an email from the past president of the org. A few years ago she and I had talked about doing some charity work together.  She had said she'd send info, well last night she did!  Years after we chatted about it.  It was funny.  I hope she wasn't just going thru old emails!  Nice of her to do, but too late for me now.  I need a break from that org.  She and I never did any non-org things together so didn't really become friends to hang out and do things together, so that ship has sailed for now. Good I wasn't holding my breath waiting for the information!  Maybe later would be interested in helping out again.

For charity and things to do, I had discovered things while in Boston, and now that I'm done with the org will have time to pursue them here in San Diego. There is also a Humanist group here that might have volunteer opportunities organized - but if not I can do myself!

I did some volunteering myself today. I went to North County Animal Shelter again and helped with making the little dog beds.  We made about 80 beds!  Pretty nice project and good group of people too.  I took some photos but until then come in my inbox here are the directions:

Little Round Dog or Cat Beds
Directions from
  1. Sew two 18" circles with wrong sides together, leave an 8" opening for stuffing later.
  2. Sew a 10"x 56" long piece together at short ends, right sides together.
  3. Fold in half lengthwise wrong sides together. (Forms a round "tube")
  4. Stitch closed along folded edges, leaving an 8" opening for stuffing later.
  5. Pin long side piece with the soft bottom piece pet will lay on ON TOP. Pin in 4 opposite sides then work your way around, if any extra fabric, fold the excess over to form a pleatNow sew round pieces to long piece, lining up both 8" openings together.
  6. The finished seam is on top of bed tucked under the side bolster. Using a serger makes this a clean seam, no fraying & can be used on outside of bed or tucked inside on top.
  7. Stuff side bolster and bottom of bed loosely with polyfil. Don't overstuff, cats like sides that are floppy!
  8. Pin both 8" openings closed and zigzag stitch together.
  9. Finished seam should be inside top of bed under side of bolster.
  10. Trim any excess seam that's showing to discourage "nibbling".
Then I met He for early dinner and to watch The Butler - it was a pretty good movie, although difficult to understand the lead character sometimes.  Guess I needed subtitles.

DS texted his little dog was still not eating, but was drinking and keeping that down.  So tomorrow he may bring the dog over and we will cook different meat to entice her to eat some. Poor little baby.


  1. Sounds easy enough!! Will bookmark this page and add this to my waiting list in line at the sewing machine!!

    1. Very easy project to do! Next time I go I'll take photos of the stuffing - that was something I had not seen before.

      Thank you for visiting my blog!


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