Tuesday, February 11, 2014

02112014: Tuesday Walking and Healthy

Today started by waking feeling rested and healthy. I had slept on the sofa as DH has a cold again, what a difference a good night of sleep makes!

We called a cousin in Boston before coffee, it was so nice to touch bases with her again.  Hopefully 2014 will be good for that!  I made oatmeal for my breakfast - with fresh strawberries! Yum!

DH left for campus, I was going to walk, but then remembered a check that I needed to deposit for my mom.  There is (it turns out) a limitation on how much a check can be to be deposited by taking a photo.  So after a few emails left for campus myself.

DH had time for lunch, we went to Daphnes' in the commons.  Was nice to chat n the middle of the day!  He reminded me it was election day for the mayor of San Diego so when I left I had a place to go.  New streets to walk on, new houses to walk by.  It was very nice.  After voting I walked on to the bank.  I made my first deposit with out an envelope - there were two gentlemen who were nice enough to let me look on while they did it first as my first try was not correct.  Picked up some whole milk (for ricotta) and walked home.

I figured out how to download a library audio book so did that.  Heated up some Trader Joe's chicken, rice and peas for dinner.  Tomorrow I'll go to the library to get at least one book - will be fun to get back into reading new things!


  1. Hey, I'm in California too - but not Paradise like you (well that's what we call SD up here in Riverside). Your day so echos mine. Oatmeal, walk, bank and library. And I love Daphne's !

    1. Funny! But every time I have been to Riverside I have enjoyed it. So many new buildings each time... I'll think of you next time I'm to Daphne's. Thank you for coming by. Hoping soon to get some quilting in my days!


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