Monday, February 24, 2014

02242014 Monday Winters CA

Today was a wonderful outing with my friend to Winter California.

It's an old mining town - with a wonderful little quilt shop Cloth Carousel Quilt Shop.  (Click on photos to see detail.)

Winters CA Brick Work

Winters CA - Cloth Carousel Quilt Shop

Template Holders. Several sizes available.  Had Cloth Carousel tags - seemed to be from $18 to $30.  Great idea! Please call them to arrange delivery.

Kaufman - Lady Bug fabric (the store has lots of fun insect fabric!)

My friend and I had lunch at the wonderful diner, Putah Creek Cafe,  that was next door. We each had a tri tip dip sandwich and then split a piece of the best chocolate cake ever.  Then we drove me to the airport and I returned to San Diego...

Inside diner

Oil cloth table covering

BEST chocolate cake EVER!

Preserved walkway

Returning Home to San Diego!
Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake Recipes
(Waitress said they used old fashioned recipe that included cocoa powder)

Was a wonderful day (that started with freshly made waffles with bananas and pecans).

The end of week long visit to Northern California.  We started in Larkspur to visit friends visiting from Boston.  Has so much fun visiting, chatting, eating and viewing the sites.  We made plans to visit them this summer for a long visit!

Then they went back east and DH and I went to Sacramento area to visit my friend.  He went home after lunch but I stayed on for a long weekend.  Unfortunately most of that time I had a sore throat or cold - but there were spots of time for visiting, walking, eating, chatting, etc. It was great to see my friend again - it's been a long time.

New "life" projects to work on or plan > for consideration after the year-end books are closed and presented to the bookkeeper and our son's birthday and I get rid of this cold!

Quilt Related Expenses
2 yards Kaufman Lady Bug Fabric - $11.20 each yard = $22.40 total


  1. What an interesting post! Thanks for including us. Never heard of Winters, CA. I have some of that lady bug fabric - mine is the pink variation. Those recipes are yummy! I have that cold with sore throat and cough. Ugh. Be better soon.

    1. I'm over my cold now, hope you are too! Thank you for coming by my blog, I've been enjoying your blog too!


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