Monday, January 27, 2014

01262014 Sunday What a Difference a Week Makes

Well last Sunday was all about the farmer's markets and walking around.  Today was the first day since Wednesday that I walked more than to take the trash out!  It has been a strange week - being achy and in a bed.  But I did feel even better today.  DH on the other side is either at his peak of the illness or he has more to go.  Hard to tell with him - he clams up even more when he doesn't feel well but is always a hard read.  And that's sad I know.

I kept myself busy by watching TV and reading blogs today.  In the afternoon I decided to walk to the store to get some fresh nan and hummus, licorice tea, and stuffed salmon for dinner.  It was a nice walk - at the beginning I met a neighbor from around the corner who was planting flowers in front of her house.  She seemed nice enough, but then told me how police had come to hang cuff her and take her to jail as she was in an accident and left the scene.  It all didn't make sense.  She said she had been approaching intersection and a stack of books on the passenger seat were starting to fall off. She leaned forward and looked down to stop them or pick them up I'm not sure.  When she lifted her head saw she was going to hit the car in front of her.  Exchanged information with the lady and returned home.  There must be something missing as I can't imagine being hauled off just for that!  So she won't be my new BFF.  The walk was nice, I was glad I went.  I also got a half gallon of OJ, a quarter watermelon and a cucumber - it was easy to carry back in the backpack and I put the watermelon in my yellow bag that I got with C in NYC last year.

I think I can report that I've lost a little weight!

Oatmeal with mango and brown sugar, milk
Sugar-free lemonade
1/2 piece of nan with hummus
stuffed salmon and peas
and that it is for today!

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