Wednesday, January 29, 2014

01282014 Tuesday Real out and About

After having yogurt and granola, got my list out and started to get organized.

I ended up crossing a lot of things off the old 'to do' list.
  1. Ordered supplies for my mom to pick up at the store.
  2. Packed up the sewing supplies I wanted to send to my friend.
  3. Walmart emailed they were out of some of the supplies so I tried to cancel that order and instead did a new order to have things mailed here.
  4. Went to bank and had the address on file for the organization changed to the new treasurer.
  5. Went to post office and mailed the package.
  6. Had lunch out - to Panda express but still went out.  Had the child's portion of chicken and vegetables.  Price includes drink so it's a real deal.
  7. Walked to mom's to visit with her, she was okay.  Had to ask staff to cut her nails...
  8. Walked a little around that neighborhood before heading to Trader Joe's.
  9. Got granola, some prepared meals for the freezer.
  10. Put in car, then walked to Walmart.
  11. Cancelled the pick up order (still have to wait up to 3 statements to get my refund so their pick up system stinks).
  12. Got printer toner.
  13. Walked back to car, then on to Costco.
  14. Got paper towels and some apples.  Got meatloaf and mashed potatoes as I think DS is coming over tomorrow.  They still do not have the turkey chili that we like.
  15. Then on to Windmill Farms.
  16. Got some seafood salads and stuff to make chicken curry.
So that was pretty good. Not enough steps but delightful to be healthy enough to do it!

I spend the evening though composing an email that I didn't send to the organization - I need to get out of that and thought I was but was received an email....

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